Introduction: Barrett M107 .50 BMG 3.5

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Final version. Instructions suck. Read Image notes. Sorry. \

Range: 65 Feet MAX
Power: Decent
Size: around 4 1/2 feet
War weapon: Oh god. hell no.
Fun: invent new meter-broke current one

Working on Christmas replica, comrades. Reznov liked to use this gun in WWII. *Hint* *Hint*

Step 1: Muzzle Brake

Note the structure and How it connects to the barrel.

Step 2: Bipod

Note the rubber feet. They are nessesary if you want the bipod to work. This was influenced by the Z35 bipod.

Step 3: Carry Handle

Don't try to carry it with this.

Step 4: Shell

The sides of the gun.

Step 5: Inner Barrel/Front Section

Exactly what it sounds like.

Step 6: Guts

The middle part.

Step 7: Stock

Pin is in here.

Step 8: Scope and Mag

Both modded from motaboi's cheytac m200.

Step 9: Fake Charging Handle

Fun to rack.

Step 10: If You Could Build This.....