Introduction: Basic 4-pointed Ninja Star

A basic 4 pointed star you can make with just a single strip of paper and scissors if you prefer them!!

Step 1: Finding the Right Paper.

You can chose any kind of paper, but make sure that your size does not go too long.

Step 2: Fold the Paper Into Half.

Fold the paper Ito half and crease it properly such that it is ready to tear.

Step 3: Tear It Into Half.

Carefully tear it into half, use scissors if you are not confident, remember "Practice makes a man Perfect"???

Step 4: Now Let's Begin Making Our Star!

Fold a paper in half.

Step 5: Next Step....

Fold some paper at the corner. This step depends on the paper you use, if it's long, then you fold more, if it's short then you don't need to fold, but if you use a size like mine, then you'll have to fold just a little bit

Step 6: Triangle Folding

Fold a triangle to the left from your right corner. Refer the picture!!

Step 7: Side Step( It's Important):))

Fold the triangle forward and fold it back up. Hope it's easy. Comment down guys!!

Step 8: Another Fold....

Fold the paper along the fold that is formed during the previous step.

Step 9: No Different.....

Flip it backwards and fold the triangle along the slit.

Step 10: You're Coming to the End...

Flip it again and repeat steps 5 to 9 , refer the pics !! If you are not getting the proper sharp ends, keep adjusting the first fold you made at the starting of step 10 after flipping the paper.

Step 11: Almost Done.....

Make one more of the part we just made !:(

Step 12: The Connecting Part ....

Place one inside the other one and start folding one by one of the triangles, for the last one, insert the triangle into the one you start with, refer the pics!(hope you guys figure it out!)

Step 13: ........and You're DONE!!

Enjoy your star guys!!!