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Budget is my name I am disabled and have little income to pay for say a nice Model of Hubble so I figured why not try to make one myself, And here is the end result All in all It cost me 1.00 for the Tin Foil at the dollar store :D the rest as always I have 90% of what I need on hand and is not hard to come by if I don't.

This build took me about 2 hours to complete hope you all enjoy!

Thanks for looking!

Step 1: Disclaimer,Tools & Parts

Disclaimer:Power tools such as Drill's and Saw's can easily hurt you, If you could ask my Ex friend Ray about the time I used him for a Vise, He would tell you that it sucked and DON'T DO THAT. Soldering Irons & Propane can cause severe burns and fires, use in a dry area or outside if possible, Keep any and all flammable liquids away from your work area, And always keep a fire extinguisher close by do not breath in vapors from flux or solder. Use proper care when using your Iron. I am not responsible for any damages to you or your PC ,Man or Woman cave, Bat mobile , Motor home, Boat, Flying saucer, Jet aircraft or any other thing you may or may not own should you go forward and do this. As I know about enough to be dangerous.

Tools needed are as follows:

Drill & assorted Drill Bits.

Tin Snips.

Hot Glue Gun.

Small Propane tank.

Razor Knife.

Screwdriver Phillips.

Hand saw & Miter box or Miter saw.

Parts are as followed:

2 Sticks of old junk PC memory or RAM.

4 Stainless steel Rods taken from burned out PC CD roms.

2 Junk dead Motherboard Batteries.

Small sheet of Aluminum or could cut a Soda can to get a sheet if needed.

Small Brass Rod.

Half of a VCR Head.

1 Hexagon block made to size or use an old Bed post like I did. 1 3/4" Hex Bedpost

1 1 1/2" Cardboard tube at least 6" long.

Some Tin foil.

Spray Paint can top.

Regular size can of corn or beans or what ever. Best to eat the food before use :D

Step 2: Body Assembly

Step 1:

Use Tin Snips to cut the Food can in half.

Affix the can to the Hexagon base using nails or screws, It far better to Pre drill the holes prior to mounting.

Step 2:

I made 2 L brackets out of the Aluminum sheet for added strength, Then Hot glue the case of the cardboard tube really well Gob it on! Don't worry about it cooling to fast you have a Propane torch to heat up the glue >:) which is the what you do next because by the time you have you glue on you will need to heat it up, So on with the heating of the Glue. Once nice & gooey Affix the tube to the base hold in place till cool. Do not put the torch directly on the glue, keep torch a good 5 or 6 inches you don't want to burn the project like me. Once cool put the Paint cap in the food can side Glue into place as before.

You will want to clean up any Glue that seeps out around tube base for better more defined lines. (Razor Knife)

Step 3: Solar Panel & Antenna Array Assembly and Wraping

Hot Glue 1 Rod to the middle of each stick of Memory (RAM).

Do the same to each Battery.

Mark & drill 4 holes for the Solar panels and Antenna array.

A thin strip of Hot Glue on the Tin Foil to start the wrap be sure to get it tight but not so tight you rip the Foil, Hot Glue end when wrapped.

Add the VCR Head half Hot Glue & torch (Don't melt the paint cap)

Wrap middle section, Then finally the rest of the Tube.

Body complete.

Step 4: Add Solar Panels & Antenna Array and Door

Affix the Rods into the Pre drilled holes & Hot Glue into place.

Small Brass Rod Hot Glued to the tube then Hot Glue the door the Brass Rod.

You may put this on a Base like I did or hang from the ceiling Dealers choice :)

I hope you all enjoy this and make your own.

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