Introduction: Basic Cardboard Frame

Strapped for cash? Need a basic frame for art or pictures? Follow this instructable for a basic frame that can be used for basically anything! I built it with objects from around my house, but the cost should be very minimal.

Step 1: Materials

You will need the following materials for your basic cardboard frame.


-Exacto Knife

-Cardboard (not pictured)

-Electrical Tape




Step 2: Marking and Cutting Your Cardboard

It is important to mark out where you are going to cut before you do so. This way, you will limit the amount of mistakes you will make.

1. Make a mark on the edge of the cardboard and measure out 11 inches. Make another mark.

2. Measure two inches in from each of the marks. Make a line straight across to this point.

3. Draw a line between these two marks.

4. Measure halfway across the cardboard, 1 inch in from the side. Make a mark.

5. Take your protractor and measure a 45 degree angle towards the outside of the cardboard, then mark this.

6. Cut out your cardboard with a scissors or exacto knife, making sure to cut along the protractor line as well.

7. Repeat steps 1-6.

8. Make a mark on the edge of the cardboard and measure out 8.5 inches. Make another mark.

9. Follow steps 2-6.

10. Repeat step 8, followed by steps 2-6.

Step 3: Aligning Corners

Fold each of your pieces of cardboard in half length wise. After doing this, you can align the corners of your cardboard pieces. The 11 inch pieces go on each side and the 8.5 inch pieces go on the top and the bottom.

Your corners should look like this.

Step 4: Taping Edges

Next, tape the edges of your frame pieces so you don't have any cardboard showing through.

Step 5: Tape

Now, take the electrical tape and tape together the corners of the frame. After, wrap the electrical tape carefully around the entirety of the edges of the frame, making sure that when you cut it, the end of the piece is on the back. Make sure to wrap the frame thoroughly, as you do not want any cardboard showing through. If, by chance, you miss something, you can always add more tape later or touch up the frame with a black marker.

Step 6: Add Art

Add your art to the frame and enjoy!