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A GREAT secondary weapon for knex (I think) if you have made mods for it please post them. I would like to see, and possibly make them, and add them to my gun!!!! This gun is superb for people who dont have alot of knex.  PLEASE be nice as this is my first Instructable thing.

Heres a parts list: (aprox.)

Pole things:                      Connectors:                        Other:

Grey: 4                                White:8                                Tan Clips:11
Yellow:1                             Yellow:8                               Fist:12
Blue:2                                 Green:2                               Grey spacer:6
White:8                               Red:3                                   Blue spacer:3
Green:14                            Orange:3                            Sellotape strips:1
                                             Grey:4                                  Rubber bands:3 or more 

Sorry about the blurry pictures the camera is old.

Step 1: The Main Body

The bit at the top of the gun it is also the barrel! This is very simple.

1. Make
2. Add to part one
3. Add this
4. Add more
5. Make two
6. Attach the two together (see the greens)
7. Add the other one!

Step 2: The Trigger

This part will block the firing pin and allow the gun to fire. SO SO SIMPLE.

1. Make
2. Add the grey
3. add the other grey through the circle on it.

Step 3: The Handle

The handle is quite comfortable very simple but if you have more pieces you can modify it. This is a moderate make.

1. Make two
2. Add the supports
3. connect the two parts together
4. Second angle

Step 4: The Magazine

The magazine gives a better affect on the guns handling and improves fire rate. But on this gun it might break so...   MODIFY IT. This part is also moderate.

1. Make
2. Make both
3. Add to only one of them
4. Attach
5. Attach
6. Add the greens.

Step 5: Adding All of the Parts Together

I'm surprised if you've read this far....  This is basically the assembly of all the pieces you've made.
 This is quite hard.

1. The trigger goes in between the to greens on the barrel
2. Add a rubber band from the place shown on the picture
3. Other angle of the trigger
4. The handle goes at behind the trigger as shown in the picture
5. Magazine clips on to the snowflakes at the front
6. You have the gun but the firing pin and the mag pusher need to be made...

Step 6: Magazine Pusher and Firing Pin

This two parts will allow the gun to actually fire and to auto-reload. One word.... SIMPLE         These pictures are blurry so please strain your eyes!!

1. Make note the sellotape
2. Add to a grey pole
3. Make

Step 7: The Rubber Bands!

The rubber bands cause the gun to fire. SIMPLE if you have rubber bands.

1. The mag band stretches over the top of the gun
2. The final band stretches from the firing pin ,which is now in the barrel, all the way to the front of the barrel. If your band doesn't go that far make an alternative

Step 8: Loading and Firing

To load, fill the mag with white poles. To cock the gun pull the pin back and wait for the click of the trigger. To fire... well thats obvious but for the beginners... pull the trigger.

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    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    have you added bands and moded it that makes alot of difference


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    havent made it yet! lol


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    ill try it after my ball machine ( ill add a ible )


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Is this a true trigger gun im confused on what they are!


    13 years ago on Introduction

    So sorry about the pictures i had to take them with my phone only camera in the house turned out to be rubbish pictures but the gun's great (i think)