Introduction: Basic Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Supply's you will need are:13 of one color and 13 of another color a s or c clip a loom and a loom stick

Step 1: Placing Bands

You will need the loom arrow pointing away from you then you will place one colored band on the first peg and go diagonal from it then grab the opposite color and place from where you just place your last band to the diagonal one from that now do this until your loom looks like the picture above

Step 2: Looming

Now you will need to flip your loom around so that the arrow is pointing towards you now skip the first band and go under the first and grab that band bring it over to a tear drop continue this step until lit looks like the picture above

Step 3: Finishing Up

Now you will grab your s or c clip and put on the big rhombus almost and take off loom the last peg don't peel off you will place the clip on there then your done

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