Introduction: Basic Steps to Install the Brushes of a DC Motor

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In this instructable, you will learn how to replace the brushes of a DC motor.

It is really easy to replace the brushes if they are not the built-in types but if they are, then you will have to open up the motor completely, replace the brushes, place back the armature and then screw everything back as before.

So here, i will explain how to do all that safely and properly so you don damage the brushes and the commutator while placing everything back as before.

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Step 1: Brushes & Slot Gaps:

There is a small cleavage at the back end of every brush of most DC motors. that leave it should be identical to the one shown in the picture.

Now the slots in which the brushes are held have small gaps.These small gap gaps and cleavages are together responsible for holding the brushes when the armature is placed back.

It is really important for the brushes to be held back in their slots so that the armature can slide in easily and this can be achieved with the help of a simple wire.

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Step 2: Installing the Brushes:

For installing the brushes, you will need a simple strong thin metallic wire as shown in the picture.

If your DC motor has 4 brushes, divide the wire into 4 equal parts and if it has 2 brushes then divided into two equal parts.

After you have done that, take any of the brushes and push it back in the slot with the spring behind it. Push the brush as far back as you can until the cleavage on the brush and the gaps on the slot align and when they do, simply slide the wire through the gap until it comes out from the other end.

After that simply leave the brush as it is and it will be held back.

Do this for all the remaining brushes.

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Step 3: Installing the Armature & Testing:

Now simply place the armature back in its place and remove the wires one by one.

As soon as you will remove the wires, the brushes will get in contact with the commutator and the DC Motor gets complete again.

You can also hammer it a little bit from the top so that the shaft gets aligned and you are done.

Watch full video for complete understanding.

Give it its rated voltage supply to check if everything was right and the motor is working perfectly.

So that was all about this instructable guys.