Introduction: Basic Steps to Start With Photoshop

In this Instructable I am gonna show you how to use Photoshop

Step 1: Creating a New File

When you first enter Photoshop, it's just a grey screen with nothing what's so ever. To create a file on the top left corner click the "File" button. click on it and right under it should pop up "New" click on that and when a window pops up press enter. You can check the info about your file in the window if you need to.

Some shortcuts to create a file are

Windows: Ctrl + N

Mac OS: cmd + N

Step 2: Resizing, Rotating and Distorting

If you needed to get a Picture of some sort to be bigger or smaller you can use the "Free Transform" tool. The shortcut is ctrl + t on Windows and cmd + t on Mac OS.

The "Transform" Tab is a bit more complicated because it has much more transforming tools.

If you need to rotate you can use the 'Free Transform' tool as well, just go to the corner of the image you're transforming and go a bit out. You'll see a bent line which has arrow tips on both ends to rotate just drag your mouse around while holding the mouse clicked.

If you need to distort you can choose any option in the 'Transform' window and see which suits your distortion best.

Step 3: Selecting Areas

For selecting you can use the Lasso or the rectangle selecting tool. To select you can simply click and hold and then drag anywhere you want. A tip is that the lasso tool has more freedom of selecting and is more precise.

If want to deselect it because you messed up you can click on the inside of the selection while still holding the selection tool (it can be any selection tool).

If you need to move the selection (and hold the thing you selected on the inside) you can Hold CMD on Mac OS or CTRL on Windows. Or a more complicated solution is CMD + T on MAC OS or CTRL + T on Windows. With the Transform tool you can rotate it and resize it which you can't do while holding the CMD or CTRL.

Step 4: The End

This is the end of the Instructable, if this helped you please share it with others who you know are struggling with using Photoshop. Keep in mind this is just a begginer's guide to Photoshop any hard steps are not included in here. We hope you learned something from this insctructable!