Introduction: Basic Tinkercad House

This is just for an example. Very rough and not completed.

Step 1: Starting Off

1. Add in a block. Expand the size to larger dimensions suitable for a house.

2. Rotate the screen up, select the block and then click on the duplicate button in the top left.

Step 2: Hollowing Out the House

Reduce the size of the duplicate and make it a hole shape.

Rotate the screen and raise the hole up slightly (this will allow you to have a floor inside the first shape)

Step 3: Hollowing Out the House and Adding Door Frames and Windows

Once the hole has been raised. Select both shapes by clicking and dragging a box over them, or by shift-clicking.

Click on the group button to group them together. Once you deselect the object, the original box will have the hole cut out.

Repeat this process by adding in rectangular prism holes for the door and window.

Step 4: Fitting the Roof

Rotate the screen to see the top of the roof.

Drag a new workplane so that it touches the top of one of the walls of the house. You should now see an orange workplane that will place objects onto the top of the walls - ideal for our roof.

Drag a roof object onto the workplane and adjust to fit the house.

Step 5: Return Workplane to Normal

Drag a workplane down onto the ground next to the house. It will return the workspace to normal, ready to add new aspects.

That is all for the example for now!