Introduction: Basics to Making Good RCT3 Parks Part 1

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Hi! If you play the game Roller coaster tycoon 3 (RCT3) then this Instructable is definitely worth looking at. This is an Instructable to help you get started on making the parks of your dreams. These tips are good for beginners and pros. There are many ways to make better parks and rides. This is an Instructable to get you started. In this Instructable I will be focusing on making cool but at the same time realistic entrances and roller coasters. These are only some of the basics of what is possible in RCT3. I hope that after you see this Instructable you will be able to make better parks. One little thing I should mention is that this Instructable DOES NOT use custom scenery. It is all in-game scenery. Another thing is that I used scenery from the Soaked and Wild! expansion packs. If you can not find the scenery in your game it might be because you don't have the expansion packs. I'd highly suggest getting them because they further your possibilities.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Scenario Editor and Terraforming

This step shows you some extras available in the scenario editor option under tools. It will also show you how to alternate the terrain without making it look like a bunch of pointy hills. This is more commonly known asterraforming.

Step 2: Starting Your Park

OK. The first thing to do is to open the sandbox mode. Everything in this Instructable is done in Sandbox mode. When it's finished loading click on the Entrance which will open the park operations window. Everything will be explained in the image notes. This is just an example of what you could do. Let your imagination think of things to put in your park. I'm going to use flat land for this entrance.

Step 3: Adding a Ride and Scenery

Now I'm going to add a ride. Open the walls window and choose a style. I'm using prehistoric walls. I'm going to use these to surround the ride. The number 1 rule with rides is giving it a theme. Always use scenery that would match the theming. Use different walls and paths to make your ride even better. Theming and adding scenery will take some time but it will make your park much better. This is an example using a riptide. I also included some photos of another themed ride at the end.

Step 4: Trees Do's and Dont's

People use trees all the time. These pictures will help your forests,gardens,etc. to look a lot better. There are several things that make a good forest and several things that make it look plain bad. Here are some tips for trees.

Step 5: You're Ready

Now that you've learned some simple techniques you will be able to make much more realistic and better parks. There are several things I have not covered in this instructable. If there is anything that you would like to know just ask and I will cover it in the next part. Have fun building amusement parks!