Introduction: K'nex Semi-Circle Lift

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Hey peeps! Tornado96 here to bring you an instructable of the Semi-Circle lift from my ball machine, Dragon Gem. This is a very simple lift but useful if you want to see something a bit more exciting than a chain lift and don't have an incredible amount of pieces. It is made with a perfectly circular "guide" that forces the chain to rise in a swift half-moon motion. Please enjoy and don't forget to comment and subscribe to see more k'nex models from me!

Now let's get on to the piece count!

Step 1: Piece Count

I hope you like maths because now you have to count the pieces you have to make sure you have enough for this build! If I have any miscalculations please let me know!


Green: 78
White: 54
Blue: 58
Yellow: 46
Red: 62
Grey: 35   


Light grey 1-slot: 26
Grey 2-slot: 18
Orange 2-slot: 50
Red 3-slot: 26
Green 4-slot: 4
Yellow 5-slot: 68
Purple 3D 4-slot: 71
Blue 3D 7-slot: 19
White 8-slot: 6


Black Y-clips: 8
Flexi-rods: 2
Blue spacers: 9
Grey spacers: 14
Red gears: 6
Motor: 1
Chain links: 91

Total: 752

Now that you have counted the pieces it's time to move on to the building!

Step 2: Entrance Track

This structure supports the track where the ball enters the lift. Don't forget to follow image notes where they are needed!

1. part 1 of main frame
2. part 2 of main frame
3. entrance track
4. connecting part 2 and 3
5. connecting part 1 to part 4
6-7. part 3 of main frame
8. connecting it all together
9-10. the rest of the entrance track
11. connecting it to the main base
12. what you should have so far
13. holding track
14-16. connecting the holding track
17. gears
18. connect it the the rest
19-20. more holding track.
21. connect it ( do not connect teh yellow rods. They will be connected later on)
22. Overview of step 1

Step 3: Lower Backbone Supports

Now you get to start shaping the lift with the Semi-circle backbone. A lot of Backbone-Support connections were necessary to prevent the backbone from moving sideways which would affect the chain on it's way up.

1. lower frame part 1
2. beginning of the backbone
3. more backbone
4. connecting 2 and 3
5. connecting backbone to lower frame
6. another angle
7. lower frame part 2
8. connecting part 7 to 1-6
9. another view
10. middle frame part 1
11. middle frame part 2
12. connecting 9 and 10
13-14. connecting the middle frame to the lower frame
15-17. connecting step 3 to step 2 

Step 4: Middle Tower and Backbone

Just as the title of the step suggests you will now build the middle section of the tower and the freestanding section of the backbone.

1. backbone
2. connect it to steps 2-3
3. middle tower
4. connecting the tower

Step 5: Motor Hub and Exit Track

Next you will build the motor hub and the exit track. The gearing tucks in nicely with the exit track!

1. lower motor hub support
2. tension gear
3. connecting them together
4. Motor axle
5. exit track part 1
6. another view
7. exit track part 2
8. another view
9. connecting the exit track together
10. adding the motor axle
11. exit track support
12. adding exit track support to motor hub
13. another view
14. connecting the motor hub to the lower support
15. another view

Step 6: Finishing the Semi-circle

Now you'll build the last part of the backbone that connects to the motor hub and exit track.

1. side support part 1
2. backbone
3. connecting backbone to side support
4. another view
5. side support part 2
6. putting it all together
7. attaching step 6 to step 5
8. another view
9. connecting it all to the tower
10. coming along nicely! :-)

Step 7: Adding the Chain

Without chain, the balls won't get very far. Let's add some, shall we?

1. section 1. build 9 of these
2. section 2. Build 1 of these
3. all the sections you should have. 10 in total
4. Connect it all together!
5. close up of positioning of the chain on the upper gears
6. another view
7. close up of positioning of the chain on the tension gears
8. close up of positioning of the chain on the lower gears

Step 8: You're Done!

Congratulations! You have just achieved a great feat worthy of the most noble k'nex builders! May this contraption aid you in your quest as you build your own ball machines! 

heaps corny, I know but it sounds cool! :-D

Now go try it out and let me know how it goes! Always great to receive feedback!

Thanks for building!
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See you guys next time! It's been a pleasure teaching you!