Introduction: Basket Full of Pine Cones

Hello everyone! I believe to paint something you don't need to be a professional artist. All you need to have is Desire to paint. Trust me! that's it.

*tip* : Whatever you do , do it with all of your Heart.

On a recent trip to a Hill Station , I collected these beautiful pine cones. Pines cones are flowers of pine tree. They are also available on amazon. To enhance their beauty I painted them. Here's is how I have done :) .

Don't miss a chance to collect them if you go to a hill station.


1. Water color/poster color/spray paints

2. Paint Brushes

3. Fabric glue (for strong adhesion)

4. Beads or any other decorative thing

5. Basket to keep pine cones

Step 1: Painting the Pine Cones

I have used camel water color cakes. You can use any kind of water colors or poster colors . You can also use spray paints. Paint the inner part and outer part of the cone properly.

color cones with different-different colors.

Step 2: Paste Beads on Pine Cones

  1. After painting , let them dry completely. It will take about 15 -20 min to dry quickly.
  2. I have used fabric glue -fevicryl , so that beads don't come out and stick strongly on the pine cones.
  3. Put the glue as depicted in video and paste the beads.
  4. you can use any other decorated material instead of beads.

Step 3: Place Them in Basket

  • Let the beads dry.
  • Place the beautiful pine cones in basket or on anything else.
  • You can use your own imagination to decorate the painted pine cones.

And finally here's the basket of joy!

Step 4: Use Them in Different Ways

You can use them as show peice.

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