Introduction: Basketball Game - Ella T and Adin K

You will overall need cardboard, markers, netting, popsicle sticks, cardboard cutters and scissors, thin sticks, rubberbands, a spoon, and lastly hot glue and/or tape.

How to play?

You would play this game by trying to shoot the game ball characters into the net by launching it with the flingshot built into the game. When you are shooting the ball, you would want to put it into the bottle cap and pull it back not too far and not to short and you will also want to aim for the hoop so you will be able to make it in.

Step 1: Flingshot

We created our fling shot from popsicle sticks, rubber bands, a spoon, and a water bottle cap. You will also need a hot glue gun. First, you will need to stack up about 6 popsicle sticks. Make sure you don't use any glue or rubber bands yet. Next, on top of the first popsicle stick, you will put another popsicle stick laying the opposite way as the others. You will also put a popsicle stick on top of the stack going down to meet the end of its stick with the other popsicle stick. Apply hot glue and let it dry. After it dries, grab your spoon and put it on top of the popsicle stick in a diagonal position. Use rubber bands on the end of the stick meeting the spoon and around the popsicle stick and on the end of the popsicle stick above the hot glue. Now your fling shot should be finished.

Step 2: Basketball Hoop

For this construction segment, the tools and items you will need is a thin small wooden “stick” (store bought), a small rectangle piece of cardboard, red and black markers, a small/medium and thin piece of cardboard, and we used a netting piece from a pair of leggings. You will also need hot glue. First you will take the cardboard piece (rectangle) and the thin stick and glue them together. Put the stick in the middle on the back for glueing. Then, you will draw a small rectangle in the middle of the basketball hoop area for a square on the backboard. Next, you will put the long cardboard piece and put it into a circle, use hot glue at the end to glue it together for it to become a circle. Glue this piece under the square you drew on the backboard. Lastly, glue the netting piece around the circle and you will have your hoop.

Step 3: Base/Court

For this last and main part, you will need lots of cardboard, hot glue, and black markers. You will cut out a rectangle of cardboard and three other smaller pieces for walls. You will glue them all together to create your base. Make sure there is an open space in the back for the flingshot to be placed. Before you put anything down, use markers to draw lines on the base to make it have an extra touch to appear like a court. Then glue the slingshot on the end in the middle so it can be even to the basketball hoop. You will also put the basketball hoop on the other end against the wall. On the other end (the end with no wall), you can hot glue the fling shot on the base. After this, your base is finished.

Step 4: Small Box for Basketballs (optional)

You will need a cardboard cutter, cardboard, and hot glue. You are going to cut out rectangles of the same measurements. All you need to do is glue them together to create a box. You do NOT need a top to the box.

Step 5: Game Ball Characters

To make these balls, you will need to go into online and design a ball that is 20mm by 20mm. You can pick whatever colors that you would like and put any physical features like glasses, mustache, hats, etc. and add them to it. But, when you are putting the features on, you will want to put them going into the ball so you know for sure that it is connected. You have to print the balls in a 3D printer and only in a 3D printer.Once the balls print, they will be ready to be played in your game.