Introduction: Basketball Planter

Have an old, flat basketball laying around? Make a beautiful planter with that.

Step 1: The Cutting

Pick up the ball and estimate where you want to cut. You may outline where you are going to cut to be precise although I didn't outline. Try to make the cut as clean as possible. Also be sure to cut off the part with the slit to pump air in.

Step 2: The Hard Stuff With Strings

Go ahead and find some strings that are laying around. Cut two strands in equal length. The length can be whatever you want it to be. I recommend that it be a little long. Then lay the string down and cross them with each other. and tie the ends together and you will have created two loops that are connected at the same point.

Step 3: Get a LIL Dirty

Then go over to your garden and shovel up some dirt into the basketball. Keep putting dirt in until it is 3-4 inches away from the top. Level it out. Then get your hands a little dirty and plant the plant that you want into the basketball. Make sure it goes deep.

Step 4: Hang Em

Next, place the basketball at the point of intersection of the two strings. Then lift the ball up along with string as shown in picture 2. Then let the ball down slowly and adjust the string to make sure the weight is evenly distributed.

Step 5: Almost There

Then, slowly start pulling the string and make sure the weight is distributed evenly. Once you have the ball completely off the grand and elevated swing it around a little to stabilize the strings.

Step 6: Voila... Beauty

Then hang it from an elevated nail that is stable. Slowly let the ball go and it will be stabilized and hang there. There You have it. Your very own Basketball Planter.

Step 7: Video

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