Bat With Moving Wings !!!

Introduction: Bat With Moving Wings !!!

Imagine, knocking on the door of one of your neighbors in the evening when the night fell; they open, you appear in Chinese shadow, with that bat in your hand, or better, on your shoulder; she slowly beats her wings, ready to fly on them. The sound of the small servo motor will add to their stupefaction, it looks like a mist of an evil beast. To make sure you do not throw a spell at them, they'll give you all their treats so they'll be scared.

This object was made in Tinkercad.

View on Youtube video of the Bat in action :

Step 1: Story of This Project Design.

I wanted to create a pretty scary object ... The final object (the bat), once assembled is quite impressive. I 've try to be as much as possible in the theme while being original, to have 100% printable files and resistant objects. Being sure that 3D printing is the future, I also try to offer objects that would not be easily manufactured with other industrial processes. Here, it is the small number of pieces which guided me : the main body is not possible in one piece except by the 3D printing because of the angles of clearance which would require a mold in several moving parts and which would be very expensive.

Step 2: BOM (Bill of Material).

You will then need:

- An Arduino Nano / Link :

- An Expansion Shield for Arduino Nano / Link :

- A servo motor 9G. / Link :

- A rectangular 9V battery.

- A connector for 9V rectangular battery to 2.1x5.5mm Male plug. / Link :

- An extension for servo motor the length you want (here, 1 meter). / Link:

- 2 x 3mm * 30mm lenght screws and 2 x M3 Bolts. (To serve as a hinge.)

- 2 x 4mm * 20mm lenght screws. (To fix from below, the lower body on the main body).

- 2 x 2mm * 12mm lenght screws (with the accessories of the 9G servomotor).

- 2 rubber elastics of 40mm length. (between 35mm and 50mm)

- 500 mm of nylon thread.

- A 3D Printer and 80m of black filament, 1m of photoluminescent filament, 15m of orange filament

(Optional: magnetic base.

- 2 Neodym magnets of 5mm diameter by 14mm long. BE CAREFUL FOR YOUR COMPUTERS (Hard Disks hate Neodym Magnets !!! )

- 1 steel washer of 10,5mm inside, 27mm outside. 2 mm maximum thickness.

- 1 band of Velcro: 300mm * 15mm (for your arm or hand) OR 550mm * 20mm (To fix it on your shoulder or your biceps)

- Some neoprene or epoxy glue (two components). )

Step 3: Print 3d Parts.

Instructions :

Print the following parts in black, gray, or dark brown:

- Bat moved by Servomotor

- 9G Servo motor support_Legs.stl

- Bat moved by Servomotor

-Left Wing.stl - Bat moved by Servomotor

-Right Wing.stl

- Bat moved by Servomotor-Main Body.stl

- Bat moved by Servomotor-Main Body_Bottom.stl

Print the following parts in photoluminescent or fluorescent filament:

- Bat moved by Servomotor-Mouth with Teeth

- Bat moved by Servomotor-Eye.stl (X2)

Print the following parts in the color you want:

- Bat moved by Servomotor - Electronic and 9v Battery Box_Bottom.stl

- Bat moved by Servomotor - Electronic and 9v Battery Box_Top.stl

(Optional: magnetic base.
- Bat moved by Servomotor-Arm Fixation.stl (3D Print it, in black preferably)

Printing Details For a Velleman K8400 Vertex :

No supports

No raft Brim 5mm (only for wings and the box)

2 shells

Nozzle 0.35 mm

layer size : 0.2mm high

Infill : 20 pc

PLA : 212 °C

The dimensions that I give (135mm x 100mm x 90mm (height)), are for the maximum size of each piece. So you can print this object in any 3D printer you want like the 3D printer BCN3d Sigma R17. I wanted it to be possible on the Startt 3D printer too !!! The final object (the bat), once assembled is quite impressive and measures 95mm from head to tail, 260mm wingspan and 140mm high.

Step 4: Assembly Parts

Assembly parts video on Youtube :

Step 5: Upload Arduino Sketch

Like on the Assembly Video

Load this sketch on your Nano Arduino: (Same as Arduino / Sample / Servo / Scan files). I only changed the value 180 by 110. You can try different values. And you can create a sequence for seemingly random wingbeats.

/* Sweep
by BARRAGAN This example code is in the public domain.

modified 8 Nov 2013 by Scott Fitzgerald */


Servo myservo; // create servo object to control a servo

// twelve servo objects can be created on most boards

int pos = 0; // variable to store the servo position

void setup() {

myservo.attach(9); // attaches the servo on pin 9 to the servo object


void loop() {

for (pos = 0; pos <= 180; pos += 1) { // goes from 0 degrees to 180 degrees

// in steps of 1 degree

myservo.write(pos); // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'

delay(15); // waits 15ms for the servo to reach the position

} for (pos = 180; pos >= 0; pos -= 1) { // goes from 180 degrees to 0 degrees

myservo.write(pos); // tell servo to go to position in variable 'pos'

delay(15); // waits 15ms for the servo to reach the position




Scare as many people as possible and have fun !

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    Great looking halloween project. This would be fun to have hooked up to a motion sensor for when people walk past it.


    Reply 5 years ago

    What a good Idea, I will perhaps update this design, but after the contest's result. I don't want modifiy my entry yet, it won't be fair play to change it after the deadline.

    Thanks for your encouragements,