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Introduction: Bathroom Bench

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Hello all

Sooooooooo ,this project got to my mind when i saw the wood bench at my fathers bathroom.

So so convenient that i had to design and build one of my own.

You know when you use your bathroom, you want to take your time, sit a bit, scrub your body slowly, and in general terms just relax.

Well while your standing up, you can`t do that.

For that comes the Bathroom Bench !

So comfortable, useful, and clean looks.

Hope you enjoy it.


Step 1: Visit the Wood Woodshed

You need to buy:

Wood !

Wood glue ( prefered elmers wood glue - the best !


And some paint in the color you desire.

Step 2: Genrel Measurments

Start by measuring the desired size of the bench.

I had it 60cm in width , and 30cm in depth.

Came out perfect !

* The wood that i bought was too big, sooooo, i had to saw it and adjust it to the size i need

Step 3: Assemble Legs and Upper Part

Once you have all the measurements , we need to attach all parts together.

Soo, i used long bolts ( 8cm in length ) and made sure the entire process all parts are aligned

Step 4: Make Sure All Is Perfectly Straight

Use a leveler to check all is perfectly aligned

Step 5: Wood Filler

Fill the gaps with wood filler

And sand everything once it dries out for 24 hours

Step 6: Placing the Wood

I thought of placing the wood standing up.

But after a few tests, it wont be strong enough

Sooo, i decided to place the facing down

Step 7: Ready !

Came out perfect !

Clean , slick ,cool, and most important of all , comfortable!

Time for a long shower


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    1 year ago

    Would be great to have the sizes/dimension of the wood! Can you provide it? Thx.


    Question 3 years ago on Step 7


    Did this wood became moldy or mildewed over time? for some time now, I almost gave up this shower bench idea and considered the built-in tiled version fixed bench. Specifically because of mold, mildew and maintenance/cleaning needed for an in-the-shower wooden bench. The fact that the wooden solution is mobile and compact is the advantage I'm seeking, but only if there's a wood that's durable enough.

    Is it? or should i go for the fixed tiled version?


    5 years ago

    beautiful, simple, elegant