Introduction: Bathroom Shelf IKEA Hack

I was solving a problem to get reasonable shelf to bathroom, but anything I found was either expensive, ugly or both or it did not fit by size. So after giving it some thought, I have bought towel hanger BROGRUND from IKEA and changed it to this shelf.


- Brogrund IKEA towel shelf (stainles steel)

- two pieces of wood, best is water/rot resistant type, I have used mahogany from previous project. Thickness 20mm, lenght 400mm, width 50mm (change it to your needs) - 8 woodscrews, again best stainless steel - 4 screws for fitting to wall + 4 dowels

Step 1: Material

Unbox the hanger and remove the two tubes with screws. They are actually very nice, maybe for some other future project...

What you are left with are two brackets you will modify.

For the shelf itself you will need two pieces of wood (or 1 larger, depends on what you want and what you have). I have opted for untreated mahogany.

Step 2: Four More Holes

Drill four more holes to the brackets (2+2). One 30mm from the existing and one 25 mm from the other existing one. Drill countersink holes to keep the design. Stainless is quite hard, so give it a drop of oil before you drill.

Step 3: Route the Wood

Cut your wood planks to the same lenght and on one of them route a radius to fit the brackets.

Step 4: Assemble

Pre drill the wood and assemble with screws (stainless again).

Step 5: Hang It

I have actually needed 2 pieces to satisfy the family showergel storage needs. The brackets have internal piece of metal that you first mount on the wall and than you hang your shelf on it and secure with screw. Done.

Colect positive points from your spouse. You just got some extra time for your VIPs (Very Important Projects) before something else brakes in the house and you will be called for rescue action :-).

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