Introduction: Cardboard Shooting Targets

The aim of this mini projects for 9 y.o. is to create a shooting targets from typical Czech playing cards. You will need cardboard, glue, ruler (metal is best), cutting knife, glue spreader, wooden sticks.

Step 1: Spreading Glue

Spread the glue on the cards one by one.

Step 2: Glue to the Cardboard

Place the card on the cardboard and when you are finished, cover with food foil.

Step 3: Press and Wait

Cover the top with another cardboard and put some weight on the top. This will help the glue to set and keep the cards flat. The food foil helps to separate the cardboards.

Step 4: Cut Out

Cut out the cards from the cardboard using metal rules. Keep your fingers out!

Step 5: Glue the Other Side

Spread some glue on the other side and press second card on the top.

Step 6: Press Again

Stack up one on the other and press again. Put some weight on top of the stack. If your work is clean, you do not need the foil here.

Step 7: Sharpen Wooden Sticks

Make a sharp end on your sticks to help them to go through the cardboard.

Step 8: Finished Targets

Targets are ready. Stick them in the pot and you are ready to go.