Introduction: Bathroom Shelf Made of Pallet Wood

Our 3 year hold has taken to spending a lot of time in the bathroom. "Peeing in the potty?" you say? Not at all: he prefers squirting all our toothpaste into the sink and and mixing it with water and toilet paper, along with a heavy dollop of everything else he can get his hands on.

Today we decided it was time for a new bathroom shelf - a high one. Luckily I had some pallets, and some friends came over to play with the kids whilst the design was conceived and executed.

First we considered a conventional box design. But I've been hanging around a lot of designers lately and decided to go for something a little more weird and bold.

Step 1: Cut Up a Small Pallet

With a circular saw or hand saw, cut off one of the uprights that has the thick wooden blocks on each end. You now have a plank a block on each end into which you can easily screw shelves.

Now cut one of the free remaining blocks free so that you can use it to mount the middle, or 3rd shelf.

For shelving, I used a single board from a standard EurPal, cut two pieces out of it at 45 cm each, and used the remainder for the offset middle shelf. Because that's how I roll.

Step 2: Screw in the Shelves, Test Fit It on Your Bathroom Wall With a Ukelele

Once you have your position set, drive a single 6 cm screw from each shelf into the supporting block (if you are just supporting toiletries, you don't need much strength.) After this, it is possible to adjust the levelling of the shelves with a hammer, because nearly everything is adjustable with a hammer.

Step 3: Paint It Lovingly

My brilliant wife chose to paint only the vertical, because she has taste and skill. Put some masking tape over the blocks so you don't get paint on them, unless you feel lucky.

Step 4: Hang It on Your Wall and Put Toiletries on It.

Hold your shelves up against the wall - high enough so that no 3 year old can reach them - and drill a hole underneath the top block into the wall (ideally, where there is a stud.)

If you can find a stud in your wall, two medium to long wood screws should do it - studs are strong! If you can't find a stud, you'll need to use 3 or 4 large wall anchors, because wood shelving is fairly heavy, especially when you have toiletries on it.

Revel in the glory of your shelves - unreachable by even the tallest of 3 year olds!

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