Introduction: Bathroom Lock LED Light

I just thought it would be cool if the lock on my bathroom door would light up red when it is locked. Also didn't think it would be that hard to make.
When I was done I was pretty amazed on how cool the effect turned out!

So here is a real easy project for everyone to do with an awesome result.

Below you can see the result in a movie I made.

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Step 1: Materials + Tools

This instructable is real easy and not too much stuff is needed.

You need:

- 3v red LED light
- 3v button cell battery (I used the CR2032)
- Electrical wire
- Aluminium foil
- Small piece of tape

- Screwdriver
- Scissors

There are many materials and ways you can use to build this. I just used what I had laying around and started from scratch.

Step 2: Building the Light

There are not many steps, so i'll explain them on 1 page.

Use the images to get a vision on how to build it.

Step 1:
First we need to remove the aluminium plate (with the screwdriver) from the bathroom door so we can build our LED light into it.

Step 2:
If your plate conducts electricity, we first need to put some tape inside is, so no short circuit is possible.
Then we place a piece of aluminium foil on the inside (see image 2).

Step 3:
Tape the 3v button cell battery with the negative (-) side on the aluminium foil (see image 3).

Step 4:
Tape the positive (+) leg from the red 3v LED onto the positive (+) side of the 3v button cell battery (see image 4).

Step 5:
Connect one end of the electrical wire onto the negative (-) leg of the red 3v LED (see image 5).
Connect the other side of the electrical wire onto the side of the rotating disc (see image 5).


That's all. Easy huh? :)

Now when you turn the lock, the disk will rotate 90 degrees and the electrical wire taped on the disc will connect with the aluminium foil. This will complete the circuit which will make the LED light up (see image 6).

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