Introduction: Camera Bean Bag

Tripods do lovely work for camera's. But when shooting from the ground you can't use a tripod and it's sometimes difficult to get a good surface to put the camera on and point in the right direction.

This is where a Camera Bean Bag comes in handy. And instead of buying one, I thought I would make one myself.

You can make this for almost nothing, you can use stuff laying around in the house. Or if you don't have the items, you can buy them for real cheap!

Step 1: Materials & Tools

It's actually pretty easy to make this Camera Bean Bag, and you don't need allot of stuff.

- Piece of fabric  (I used 2 sheets about 20cm x 30cm each)
- Thread
- Beans (I actually cheated and used green peas)

- Needle
- Scissors

If you have a sewing machine, please use that. It's allot easier and faster then using a hand and needle.

I think it's called a bean bag because they used to stuff it with beans. Nowadays they fill it with all kinds of materials.

I used dried green peas. Since they are round it's easier to get a good form for your camera.

Most of this stuff you probably already got laying around the house.
Except for dried green peas I hope... because that stuff is just disgusting.

Note: Some countries don't allot you bringing in seeds. So if you're going to travel with this bean bag, you rather don't fill the bag with beans or peas, but use  polystyrene beads.

Step 2: Sewing the Bag

Ok, I don't have a sewing machine... but if you do have one, use that!
That's allot easier and faster.

- Cut 2 pieces of fabric in the same size. I made 2 sheets of 20cm x 30cm.

- Start sewing in a corner and work your way around the bag.

- When you're almost around, stop sewing and leave a hole (see picture 3).

Note:  I have no sewing experience at all.  So in the pictures it probably doesn't look like good work, but you get the idea :)

Step 3: Filling the Bag

- Turn the bag inside out (see photo 1 and 2).

- Fill the bag with the beans, green peas or whatever stuffing you've got (see photo 3).

Note: Don't put too much in it. You still need room for the peas to move around inside the bag, so that when you put your camera on it will fit nice and snuggly.

Step 4: Finishing Up

All you have to do now is sew the last bit and close the bag.

Now you have made your own Camera Bean Bag!

As you can see on photo 1, i'm not used to sew :)
It's not the most beautifull Camera Bean Bag, but it works like the best.

If you're making one yourself too, share your experience and photos with us!

Here's a small moving testing my new camera. For several shots in this movie I used the Camera Bean Bag.

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