Introduction: Microphone Pop Filter

A pop filter is an anti-pop noise protection filter for microphones, typically used in a recording studio.
If you record sound at home then this instructable can help you make a really cheap pop filter.

It doen't matter if you record songs at home or like me do voice-overs for movies.

From time to time I make short movies and like to do the voice overs at home.
This pop filter comes in pretty handy. Especially because it's so easy and cheap to make, it's sure worth doing it.
Those professional ones in the store can be pretty expensive.

Step 1: Materials + Tools

As I mentioned before, it's really easy and cheap to make.

With these simple tools and some materials you'll be able to make one yourself.

- embroidery hoop 6"  (6 inches or 15cm, doesn't really matter, but this is a good size.)
- pantyhose
- steel coat hanger
- black tape
(optional, just to give it a nice look)

- scissors
- pliers

For the 6" embroidery hoop I payed about $2 dollars and $1 for the pantyhose. The black tape was something I had laying around and the steel coat hanger... well... lets just say I'm missing one from my closet now :)

Step 2: Making the Stand

There are many ways to create the stand, many materials, and you can make it the length that suits you.
Just see these steps as handy guidelines/tips to make yours.

1.  Cut off the head of the coat hanger (image 1)

2. Straighten the coat hanger (image 2), later we can bend it the shape we like.

3. Make a hoop at one end of the coat hanger (image 3). The hole needs to be big enough for the embroidery hoop screw to fit through.

Extra step, not neccessary.

4. Use the black tape and go around the coat hanger (image 4). This will give it a nice black professional look.

Step 3: Making the Pop Filter

This is the moment where we make the Pop Filter itself.

1. Cut a square from the pantyhose (image 1). It's the best if it is still dubbel layered.

2. Open de embroidery hoop (image 2).

3. Lay down the inner circle of the hoop, and cover it with the cut out pantyhose (image 3).

4. Put the outer circle of the hoop on top of the inner circle (image 4).

5. At last you get the prepared stand we've made and put it on the screw, then put the screw on it and tighten it (image 5)

Tip: First screw it a bit so everything fits fine. Then pull on the outsides (the parts sticking out) of the pantyhose to make sure the pantyhose is nice and tight, and that there will be no wrinkles in it.
If this is done, screw it tight.  This way everything is very stong and tight so it will stay this way.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Well... we're as good as done.

1. Turn te Pop Filter around and cut of the pantyhose parts that are sticking out (image 1).

2. Bend the stand in the way that suits you best. Or you can even attach it to a microphone stand, if you have one.

That's it!
You're done!

Wasn't that hard was it? And only for a couple of bucks you can make it.

And as you can see it's all nice and black, gives it a professional look aswell.