Introduction: Batman Engraved Logo

My daughter is a batman fan, and was looking for something different, I did see something on YouTube which gave me the idea of having not so much backlit, but using light refraction, highlighting the Batman logo..

The plaque for want of a better word looks pretty awesome in a dark room

Materials :

Batman Stencil : e-Bay

220mm of 45mm x 15mm wood

2 x 220mm long 18mm quadrant

Acrylic to the size of the stencil.

Led strip

9v battery

Step 1: Grind N Engrave

I used a "Dremel" type mini drill, with a variety of different grinding and sanding attachments to enable me to get into the corners, care must be taken however, as the acrylic / plastic will get hot, and can cause burns if care is not taken.

Use some scrap and practice before starting with the stencil.

I selected a piece of acrylic slightly larger than the stensil and used masking tape to affix the stencil to the surface securely, it does get quite a lot of pressure while engraving st this step is a must.

Next I used a cone shape grinder and followed the outline of the stencil, ensure light pressure is used and try not to lean on the stencil too much to prevent wearing away and miss-shaping it. If that happens you may struggle to use it again.

Once the outline is done, if you feel confident, change to a wider/thicker grinder or sanding drum, remove the stencil, and gently rough up the surface keeping inside the outline previously marked.

The finish needs to be even, and opaque. This will cause the light passing through to refract and highlight the surface which has been engraved.

Step 2: Build the Stand and Light Er Up !

To build the stand, I kept it simple.

A piece of clean dry wood : 220mm x 45mm x 15mm

2 pieces of quadrant 22mm long, the quadrant I used also has a cutaway inside as per the image.

The quadrant is then fastened to the flat wood with a gap that is a sung fit on the acrylic.

Next was painting the wood, I used a matt black as the stand I wanted to be semi invisible at night so as not to detract from the object on display.

Inside the gap I placed a length of leds and connected them to a 9v battery via an appropriate resistor.

Now slide the acrylic in and power up the led strip.

Turn the lights down, switch on, and enjoy

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