Introduction: Batman: Scarecrow Maks

The first step to any project is too gather the necessary
materials. Here is a list:

Burlap cloth with dimensions of 17 inches by 24 inches.

Two empty soda cans

Greyish black spray paint

Sewing needle

Sand paper

Black thread

Hot glue and hot glue gun


Some black cloth that you can see through

Step 1: Mask Outline Pt. 1

The first step in this project is to create a mask with the burlap, the thread and needle. Using the burlap, sow, the needle and the black thread, sow a burlap sack with the dimensions of 17 inches for height and 12 inches for width. Once you have sown the bag, turn it inside out so as not to see the stitches.

Step 2: Gas Mask Breathing Peice Pt. 1

The next step is to create the two gas canisters. Take the two empty soda cans, and using a hack saw, slowly cut through the cans. Cut of the bottom 2 inches only, no more. Make sure to be very gentle when you saw through, as the cans are very easy to bend irreversibly by accident.

Step 3: Gas Mask Breathing Peice Pt 2

Next, sand of the area that came in contact with the tool you used to cut the can in two. This will prevent the cans from cutting you when wearing the mask.

Step 4: Gas Mask Breathing Peice Pt 3

Once you are finished with the sanding, spray paint the two ends of the cans greyish black. Depending on what spray paint you use, it make take a few coats to fully paint the cans.

Step 5: Mouth

While the cans are drying, using a black thread and a needle,create the mouth on the mask. Sow the mask in a zigzag pattern from left to right, each zigzag being about .75 inches long. Try to make the mouth in the normal place where it would be on your face when you where it.

Step 6: Eyes Pt 1

Now, it’s time to make the eyes. Put the mask on and draw a general outline of where your eyes are on the outside of the mask. Once this is done, take the mask off and, using a knife, cut a hole along the outline.

Step 7: Eyes Pt 2

Once you’ve cut the two holes in the mask, take the black cloth and cut out two pieces of cloth that are a little larger than the eyeholes. Sow the black pieces of cloth on to the eyeholes on the inside of the mask, so to not see any excess cloth.

Step 8: Gas Mask Breathing Peice Pt 4

Once the paint on the cans has dried, it’s time for the last step. Take two empty plastic bottles, any will work. I used to empty Gatorade bottles. Cut off the very bottom 1/5 of an inch, and then attach one to each of the cans, at the top where the soda was located.

Step 9: Gas Mask Breathing Peice Pt 5

Hot glue the plastic pieces to the cans and then wait for them to dry. Once the glue has dried, hot glue the cans onto the mask by the plastic piece. Attach them on each side of the mouth, on the very extremities.

Step 10: Finish

Congratulations. You have now finished your mask. If you have any questions, feel free to comment.