Introduction: Batman Suit ( the Dark Knight Version)

as the new movie came out and its getting nearer to halloween i've decided to start making a batman suit, the one from The Dark Knight! as this is going to take me a while to make i've decided to publish it unfinished and add to it as i go so that anyone wishing to make it for halloween can do so!

ok the list of materials will be added to as i go along, i wont be using anything too expensive, simply cause i don't have that much money!

Step 1: Equipment

ok for the arm parts i'm using:

2 bicycle tyre innner tubes
super glue
old shin pads/making them from light wieght air drying clay!

Step 2: Making the Arms! Part One

Take the inner tube and cut all the way down one side of it, then open it up so the rubber lays flat cut 3 pieces the length from your wrist to your elbow.
then cut 3 one inch slots into each piece as shown in picture 2.
i'm using the inside of the inner tube to make the outside of the arm pieces cause they look better. you have to cut some small strips from the inner tube and using the super glue attach the two pieces together. using strips of inner tube stick them over the wholes you made on the inside then using a craft knife cut out the holes again leaving a 2 to 3 mm edging!
once thats been done use small strips on the inside to add the third piece to part one and two.

then to make it fit your arm cut down the centre of the third peice so it fits your arm perfectly.
fold and glue the ends over at each end to the desired length and to make it look cleaner.

Step 3: Making the Arms Part 2

At this point i got a pair of old shin pads that were black but yours don't have to be because they can be sprayed later. I sanded off all the logos and smoothed the area with some wet and dry paper. Next i put the arm pieces over my arms and measured the distance at the top of the cut i made earlier then added 1cm to it, so i had room to wear something underneath the arm pieces. I then put superglue around the edges of the shin pad on the inside and placed it on the arm pieces making sure to leave the gap at the cut end.
Next cut out 6 pieces to make the spiky parts on the arms,you need 6 for each arm. I used thick cardboard to make mine but you can used whatever you want. i then sprayed these up black and superglued them to the shin pads evenly spaced along with two rows about 1cm apart from each other.
After all thats done its time to spray it, i'm using a black satin spray thats flexible so won't crack on the rubber, i got it from HobbyCraft but you can get it at any craft or diy store.

Step 4: Making the Armour!

ok first off draw out the template parts onto a piece of thick card then cut them out! now stick them all to the outside of the inner tube rubber. making sure to leave enough space between them so you can fold the rubber over onto the back of the card like in pic 2.
then what i did in order to get two different tones was to spray the pieces with a satin effect spray! if you have already stuck the pieces on then just mask the area that you don't want sprayed.

After all the peices have been made and sprayed its time to put them all together, lay all the pieces down exactly where they need to be and measure a piece of inner tube about 2inches wide and from the bottom to the top of the armour pieces you layed out and give an extra 3 - 4 inches at the top. Then cut some strips about an inch wide and glue them to the back of the armour pieces spaced about 1 - 1.5 inches apart.

Step 5: Making the Chest Piece!

i decided to make the chest piece from molding it!
i took pictures from the internet and drew out a basic shape for someone my size, then used modelling clay to create the chest piece.
i then covers the whole thing with mod roc bandages about 4-5 layers then waited for it to dry!
once it was dry i took it off of the clay model and filled it with light weight air drying clay. then waited for that to dry! thenremoved it from the mold, did any finishing touches like sanding it and shaping it a bit more! then sprayed with the satin effect spray and left to dry.

Step 6: Making the Neck Piece!

make this in the same way that you made the armour once the pieces are done then you have to cut 3 strips of card about an inch wide by 20" and cover them with rubber! then make a V-shaped piece and cover it with rubber.
place the small neck pieces onto the long strips with superglue, then attach the other end to the V-shape.
ok i've decided to cheat a little cause i found this neck warmer thing that cost like �2 so i'm using that as a base, if you can get your hands on one it would be perfect. If not then just use some black material and wrap it round your neck cut it at the right length and use some velcro strips to keep it on. Then take your rubber neck piece and stick it to the black cloth piece with material glue.

Step 7: Making the Mask

For this i'm going to be using the same technique i used for the irom man helmet so check that out here. obviously once finished spray it black with the satin spray its upto you if you laquer it or not i didn't want the helmet to be too shiny so i haven't. but you could laquer it and then rub over it gently with the finest finishing paper you can find, but don't over do it.

Step 8: Making the Boot

For this i'm going to suggest maybe an old pair of shoes or pick up some cheap shoes from a shoe shop the ones i'm using only cost � the seam of the rubber and leather. then cut out pieces similar to the ones in my pictures, these are the covered with rubber and attached to the shoes by glueing them into the seams that we cut. then add a strip to the front and cut a slit down it about 1.5inches and slot a strip down the back part and glue into the seam.
Using full width strips of the inner tube measure the length from the heal of your foot to the back of your knee, you will need about 5 strips this length. Put together two of the strips and then from the top cut down on angles either side so that you end up with about a 2.5 inch width at one end and 6inch at the top end. put all the remaining pieces together using the same technique used to make the arm parts (small strips).

Step 9: Making the Belt!

For this your going to need about 30-40 pieces like the first picture, i made one out of normal clay then took a mold from it using plaster bandages and cast them all with light weight air drying clay. after they are all made get a strip of black material about 1.5inches wide and put it round you and cut it with about a 4inch overlap, lay the pieces of the belt down and glue them to the strip of black material.

Step 10: Finishing Touches

Add pieces to the suit in the same way as the armour untill its completely covered!
Add a cape
then go out and fight crime(don't actually do that cause the suit isn't that strong and won't stop bullets)!!

soon i'll be uploading some templates to my site to make this suit