Introduction: Paper Batmobile - "The Tumbler" From Nolan's Batman

The Bat-mobile is a state of the art all-terrain, self-powered, armored fighting motor vehicle used for vehicular hot pursuit, prisoner transportation, anti-tank warfare, riot control, and as a mobile crime lab. Batman Keeps the bat-mobile in the Bat-cave, which is accessed through a hidden entrance, the heavily armored, gadget-laden vehicle is used by Batman in his crime-fighting activities.

This project is all about making a paper replica of the bat-mobile. I made this project 5 years ago so i am sorry for the bad documentation. I hope you like it and enjoy making it.

Step 1: Materials

  1. 7* A4 size white paper (between 100-120 gsm)
  2. 1* OHP sheet (Transparent sheet)
  3. Color Printer
  4. Xacto knife and some spare blades
  5. Glue (I prefer synthetic glue over white glue and glue stick as it doesn't damage the paper)

Step 2: Printing and Preparing

Download the attached PDF (The Tumbler Template). Print pages from 1 to 7 on A4 paper and page number 8 on an OHP sheet. Make sure all the print settings are correct. In the page scaling tab select actual size don't try to scale it or it wont assemble properly. Don't print on both side of the paper as you wont be able to cut it out.

When everything is printed use a Xacto knife and start cutting all the parts out. Be very careful while cutting the outline. And remember you can print another template but you cant print another finger so safety first.

Step 3: Assembling

Glue the parts together using the reference from the images. Make sure you glue the parts in the same sequence as the sequence of the images to make your work a little easier. If you make a mistake then just print another copy and use that part instead of repairing the damaged part.

While folding the parts remember :

  • White hyphen = outward folds
  • White dots = inward folds

For all the small cylinderical parts, use an empty refill as a base and stick the paper around it.

Step 4: Final Result

I hope you had fun making it. Please share your feedback and results.

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