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Introduction: Battement Tendu

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Ballet is an art of dance. So before you click that it is not is the right category think about that

Step 1: Fifth Position

To start out in this position put one of your toes pointing one way. Now lay other leg in front of it pointing the other way

Step 2: First Step

Now bring your first leg in front of you so it's pointing forward

Step 3: Second Step

Now point your toe on the side of your body

Step 4: Third Step

Do the same thing behind you

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    7 years ago

    I know. Not my best instructable.


    Reply 4 years ago

    I would not be so cruel on myself... There are comparably few ballet instructables and yours has become a lovely addition.

    But I just had to state my concerns on your turnouts... As your photos suggest: I hope that in the time past since this instructable you have stopped opting to forcing a turnout this so much from your knees downwards rather than your hips.
    You seem to have a very fortunate bone structure and it would be sad to harm it.

    I am "Old-School" trained by very talented instructors that had years experience on their art. But sadly not enough knowledge about the bio-mechanics of the human body and the long term effects of some of their practices to the joints.
    I suffer now from years of practicing three things I should not have done thousands (Maybe even ten thousands) of times:
    1_ Force a grand plie (from all positions)...
    2_ Forcing turnouts from the knees...
    (So such we would have to "over-rotate" our "over-pronated" wings on barre)
    3_ Rolling from neck and not spine when rolling for modern dance classes/workshops (irrelevant in this case.. But I just had to nag about this one as well)

    I presume you are yet young and still have an amount of time in-front of you to grow... And my apologies if I am mistaken.
    But please do spare some time to Google updated information on how the turnout should be performed as much from the hips as possible leaving as minimal as possible rotation from the knees downwards.

    I personally never force my students (Especially late starter adults) to turnout beyond their natural hip rotation... which becomes very apparent in their battements (Or just lifting their legs off the floor feet flat off the floor in a turn-out).

    Thank you for sparing time to present an instructable...
    Best of luck to you and yours!