Battery Tester and Charge Monitor




Introduction: Battery Tester and Charge Monitor

Hello guys

For long time I was harvesting lithium ion batteries for powering my projects BUT…

Sometimes I was getting bad batteries that look fine …

So… I’ve made battery tester device that can test the battery and tells you the output voltage and current.

Also identify the battery type and measure the real capacity .

Step 1: The Schematic

the schematic is little complicated because we create a standalone arduino board

so here it is and it should made on 2 layers pcb


Step 2: Parts

Step 3: The Pcb

for this people who used to make 2 layers pcb it will be easy

or you can ask some manufacturer to make it for you

Step 4: Burn Bootloader and Upload the Code

After soldering all components

we have one more step before start working with our project

The microcontroller here is blank and it needs a firmware

So as you know! our project is based on arduino

First thing we need arduino board and jumper wires

Connect pin number10 from arduino to reset pin on the pcb

By connecting the arduino you can now Burn the bootloader on your board

Let’s ee how?!

Open your IDE and

From examples choose Arduino ISP

Then upload the code normally to your arduino board

From Tools Menu choose Programmer Arduino as ISP

And again from tools choose burn bootloader and make sure there is no errors after uploading

Now your microcontroller is ready for uploading your arduino code

wait …!! don’t take off your jumper wires

You still need to upload your code to the microcontroller

Open the battery tester sketch

and from Sketch menu choose upload using programmer

Showing the pcb

Now you can takeoff the jumper wires, and start using this project

Step 5: Source Code

the code is pen source and anyone want's to improve it is welcomed


Step 6: Videos

battery tester part 1 and 2

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    Question 3 years ago on Step 6

    Is it possible to design for any capacities of batteries?

    hemavathi sugumar
    hemavathi sugumar

    Question 3 years ago on Step 6

    Hi, this is very nice project.. Can I get gerber files of this battery tester


    Question 4 years ago

    Hello, that sounds like a really nice project !
    (may be too complex for a lot people however,mixing it with the design of an arduino from scratch may not help, it does not help me at least).
    I am not so good at coding, but really interested in both monitoring and telling which kind of battery is being used. I did not understand my glance at your program, put in words rather that in code, how do you test check if a battery is of one kind or another ?
    And anbother question, does your sensor work if the battery has just been used or charged a bit ? Do you have any accurate tension measure in spite of that ?
    I ask because I just realize as for car batteries, ie Acid lead starter batteries, the tension is decreasing a lot in the minutes and even hours following the charge. My goal is to make a "coupleur-séparateur" no idea as for translation in English, the idea is a device that puts both a van starter battery and a living-off-the-grid-in-a-van battery in parralel just when the motor battery is full or almost, in order to recharge the other battery, and cuts their link when the car alternator is off. (With a relay under ATtiny or arduino control)
    I want to monitor the achievement of charge of the accessory battery, to prevent it from overcharging. But i don'tknow how to ensure the measure is accurate while it is being charged.
    Any help in that scope would be very helpful.
    And congrats once again.