Introduction: Easy Fidget Spinners

Hello guys

I was wondering what is this trendy toy fidget spinner

people are crazy about it

When I found it out I just noticed it's a ball bearing with two or 3+ balances

so I said why not make my own "I'm a maker :D "

let's get started

Step 1: Materials

1. Ball bearing if you don't know the size you can use 608zz to 6000

2. bicycle chain

3. tie wrap or zip wrap

Step 2: Making

put the chain in front of you

then unfold it like shown in the first picture

enter a tie wrap inside it and make a loop

Tighten the tie wrap then join the chain

enter the bearing inside the middle ring

Step 3: Last Step

Spin it

to make the spinner super fast even any spinner

open the bearing cover

then remove the grease from it

add some lite oil it will make it turbo

You can follow the video to see the steps clearly

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