Introduction: Battle Sax Light

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I always wanted to make a musical instrument light light, one day at auction I spotted this old saxophone, it was battered with holes in it and missing the mouthpiece, one of the spatula keys was snapped off, I named it the Battle Sax because it could easily have been used to bludgeon someone to death

Step 1: Build and Materials


Saxophone in dire order

Floor Standing Standard Lamp Base (Sadly in brass I wish it had been silver coloured)

Edison style light bulb

Three core electrical wire

Three pin plug

Threaded pipe

Light fixture


Nuts and bolts




Screw driver


Step 2: Build

Firstly I took a look at the state of the sax. The spatula (Lever with cork seating to allow the buttons to work) I could only epoxy shut, otherwise there would be a large hole, the bottom bend of the instrument had three small holes in it so I drilled a hole to allow quarter inch pipe to go inside the sax, luckily the broken spatula allowed me to secure the pipe inside.

Found a large heavy brass standard lamp base, shame about the different metals but beggars can't be choosers, the quarter pipe went through the base and was able to lock it in place with nuts.

That then allowed me to run the wire under and through sax to the place where the mouthpiece goes, I earthed the whole thing to the brass light fitting and the saxophone. Tested everything to ensure no short circuits and that it worked perfectly


I think it looks stunning, it stands approximately thirty inches high. Without a doubt this is my favourite piece out of everything I've made.

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