Introduction: Bead Braided Barefoot Swim Sandal

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Hi Friends! Summer is here!

This instructable is about Beaded Barefoot Sandal which is trendy and elegant. These barefoot swim sandal can be worn while swimming, on the beach, a pool side party or for a beach wedding.

The hand crafted sandal can be worn instead of swim shoes or flip flops. You don't have to worry if your flip flops are sinking in the sand or falling off. You can just slip on the barefoot sandal while in water. They will look so elegant in the water.

You can even wear them over your flip flops, flats, sandals and open-toed heels. It is a two in one use.

I made a pair of them for my friend and she just loved it. Hope you like it too.

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Step 1: Materials

Materials needed:

Wool Yarn/thread - Based on you Feet size

Beads (About 60) - I used two size of beads - Larger creme colored beads for the long portion and smaller red beads for the ankle portion.




Step 2: Strand

Take three stands of Wool thread. The measurement of each strand is such as that it reaches from the toe till the back of your anklet.

The length of each strand should be double the times the measured length of thread.In this way we get sufficient length to braid and tie the knot at the back of your ankle when finish.

Step 3: Knot

At the center of the measured strand tie a knot around the toe.

I used double knot so that the knot will stay secure.

The loop should be perfectly fitting the toe.

Be careful that you don't make it so tight that you stop the blood circulation.

Step 4: 6 Strand Braiding

From the knot we have 6 strands. Divide them into 3 portions with 2 strands each. I have named the portions as 1,2 and 3. Secure the knot with a tape or heavy material for the ease to braid.

Start from the right. The braiding technique is similar to the basic 3 strand braid.

1) Start from the right which is the portion 1. Add a bead to the outermost strand of portion 1. Cross the portion 1 over portion 2 just like 3 strand braiding.

Step 5: 6 Strand Braiding (contd)

2) Add bead to the outermost strand of portion 3. Cross it over portion 1 inside.

Step 6: 6 Strand Braiding (final)

Continue braiding till the length of your foot.

Each time you add bead to the outermost stand then cross them over inside.

At the end you add a knot to secure the beads.

Step 7: 3 Strand Braiding

Now we have to form the ankle strap portion.

1) Separate the 6 strands into two groups with 3 strands each. The 3 strands of each group are numbered as 1,2 and 3.

2) Before Braiding to give a start cross 1 over 2 inside like the basic 3 strand braiding.

3) Cross 3 over 1 inside.

Step 8: 3 Strand Braiding (contd)

4) From now on while doing the three strand braiding add a bead to the thread and then cross over inside.

I have used red beads here which are smaller in size and will look cute in the ankle strap portion.

Step 9: 3 Strand Braiding (contd)

Continue braiding till the length of half of your ankle for group 1. Tie a double knot at end of the braid.

Do the same with group 2. Now the sandal will look like a Y-shape.

Trim the end strands to the desired length to tie behind your ankle.

Step 10: Adorn Them!

Make another pair of the Beaded Barefoot sandal. Wear them on you barefoot. See how your feet transforms to elegance.

Wear them when you go for a swim.

They are really awesome for a pool or a beach party.

Hope you like them!

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