Introduction: Bead and Charm Earrings

So I decided to make some earrings for a friend using some feather/leaf charms that I bought, along with some other bits and pieces that I had lying around.

Step 1: You Will Need

Materials you will need:

2 eye pins

2 Earring hooks

2 beads (I used 2 6mm turquoise coloured miracle beads)

2 charms (I used 2 silver plated feather/leaf charms which i purchased from ebay here)

Tools you will need:

Jewellery pliers

Wire cutters

Step 2: Attaching the Charm to the Eye Pin

1. Take your eye pin, and open the loop at the end.

2. Hook the open loop through the hole on the charm.

3. Close the loop.

Step 3: Adding the Bead

1. Slide a bead onto your eye pin.

2. Cut off some of the length of the eye pin, leaving the amount you will need to make a loop in the other end of the eye pin, of the size you desire.

Step 4: Adding the Earring Hook

1. Make a loop in the open end of the eye pin.

2. Before closing the loop, hook it into the loop at the bottom of your earring hook.

Step 5: Finishing Up!

So now you have made one earring, just repeat the steps to make the corresponding earring!

Then that's it, all done!

This is a very simple pair of earrings, but there is so much variation that can be done, by changing the beads used, or using different charms. Hopefully these ones gave some inspiration to somebody!

Thank you for reading.