Introduction: Beaded Feather Earrings

Hey everyone. :)

These earrings cost me nothing to make as I found the feathers outside, and used charms from an old bracelet. And as if that wasn't enough, they're also super easy and really pretty... so have fun and be creative!

Step 1: You Will Need...

You will need...
  • A length of string, I used about 22 inches, but had a lot to spare.
  • 2 fishhook ear wires 
  • 2 feathers, You can buy these at loads of places, but I found mine outside. If you look hard enough there are tons, I promise!
  • Beads, With a hole big enough to fit the string through.
  • Charms, Optional*
  • Some form of adhesive, ​Ideally superglue, but I didn't have any so i had to make do with some false eyelash glue I found! haha

Before doing anything else, wash the feathers. If your feathers are synthetic you will not need to do this, however if you found your feathers it is important that they are clean.
To do this, run some warm soapy water into your sink, and leave feathers to soak. Gently wash and dirt away. Rinse and carefully dry by blowing on them.

Step 2: Cut String...

  1. Cut two lengths of roughly 4 inches of string.  
  2. Put a small amount of glue on the end part of your feather.
  3. Push the glued part of your feather stalk through a bead, and then push one of your lengths of string through too. 
  4. Add a bit more glue into the bead to secure it. 
  5. Repeat process with other feather and piece of string.

Step 3: More String...

  1. Cut various lengths of string, and tie/glue on your charms and beads.
  2. Arrange into desired position and tie with all lengths of string a knot at the point you want your earrings to hang from. 

Step 4: Ear Wire...

  1. Thread through the ear wire loop and secure with a few more knots. 
  2. Trim loose ends.
  3. You can then trim the ends right down and glue, to keep them together and look neat.  

Hope you liked it, and any questions and/or suggestions are welcome!  
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