Introduction: Beam Compass

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This handy beam compass is made with two little wooden blocks and a aluminium rod.

It works also very well to adjust a table saw.

Difficulty: easy

Time to build: one hour

Tools I used:

  • table saw (a hand saw is also good)
  • Drill press (or a hand drill)
  • Sandpaper


  • two little wooden blocks
  • aluminium rod.
  • a nail
  • one pencil

Step 1: Cut Two Little Wooden Blocks

Depending from the diameter of the aluminium rod I cut two little pieces of hardwood, a little bit bigger, on my table saw.

Step 2: Drilling Holes

The first block gets a hole for the aluminium rod and a second one for the pencil.

The second block gets one hole for the aluminium rod, one for the nail and a third one for a machine screw..

After drilling all holes, the second block was splittet on the table saw

Step 3: Add a Nail

I pushed a nail with a hammer in the pilot hole, cut it with pliers and sharpened it with a file.

Step 4: Assembling

Just put the block with the pencil hole on one end of the aluminum rod

and the block with the nail over the aluminum rod and tight it with a machine screw,

Add a pencil. If it is to tight, drill the hole a little bit wider. If it is to wide, add a piece of tape.

Step 5: The Result

Instead of thousand words, please watch the video

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