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This year my family dressed up as the Teen Titans for Halloween. We went with the style from Teen Titans Go rather than the original since it was a little more light and simple. I was in charge of the vast majority of all the costumes. It was a lot of work and a race against time to get it all together but it got done in time.

My youngest son Kaiden was Beast Boy for use against his wishes. We had to beg him. He wanted to be Cyborg but he fits the character of Beast Boy so perfectly. I had to promise him we could go as characters from Soul Eater to Pensacon in February to appease him.

Step 1: Get the Clothes

I bought a long sleeve black shirt on sale at wal-mart and a pair of pink leggings in the girls section.

For the pants, I bought a pair of black panty hose but they lasted only 2 trips and he ripped them so we bought leggings.

Step 2: Make Shorts

Measure and mark the length you want the shorts to be. Cut off the legs at the mark.

Step 3: Waste Not Want Not

Take the legs of the pants and cut open the seam. Now you have 2 pieces of fabric like in the last picture.

Step 4: Add Pink

Take one of the former legs and lay it over the shirt. Line it up where it's center is with the shirt's center. (photo 1)

Fold it in half with the fold in the center of the shirt. (photo 2)

Use a long ruler to draw a straight line where you need to cut it. (photo 3)

Cut on the line (photo 4)

Unfold and align on shirt. Pin and sew. Then repeat with the back of the shirt. (photo 5)

Step 5: Gloves

I bought gray gloves for a dollar somewhere I cant remember, walmart or dollar store or something.

I put a glove on and used black puff paint to draw on and paint in the design.

I used magnetic bag clips to hang them to dry.

Step 6: Belt

You can get a large sheet of foam at the craft store for less than a dollar. I traced a bottle to get the circle and used a rules to draw the rest to get the design of Beast Boy's belt.

Draw it with the circle centered on the foam and extend the sides all the way to the edge of the foam.

Cut it out.

Use it to mark another strip of the same width and cut it out too.

Use super glue to glue the one end of each strip together to make one long strip

Wrap it around the wearer and mark it, leaving about an inch or so overlap.

Cut off excess

Use sticky back velcro to attach.

**The velcro doesn't stay very well on the foam. You can sew it to a strip of nylon webbing and then glue that on the foam to help

I recommend out lining the belt with sharpie. It makes it pop and looks much better.

Also be gentle with the belt, its pretty easy to rip where the circle meets the sides. Both my boys broke theirs.

Step 7: Shoes

Bought a pair of plain black shoes at Walmart for about $7.

Paint them pink in the design beast boy has. One coat is not enough, had to do about 3.

Beast boy doesn't have laces so I cut a piece of black fabric to cover the laces and attached it with velcro on both sides so he can tie the shoes and then close the flap to hide the laces.

Step 8: Put It Together

The biggest part of the costume is the green.

Get several cans of temporary green hair color and a couple tubes of green face paint.

I also got some elf ear pieces and spirit gum. The first time out, we use the ears as they came. He complained it made it hard to hear and he was NOT a happy camper getting them off at the end of the night. So when we went out again, I cut the top pointy part of the ear off and just used that instead of the whole ear.

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