Introduction: Beaten Egg Cup-Omelette Biryani

Hello! I would love to share my favorite briyani recipe with egg omelette in this one pot cooking challenge. I was thinking to prepare briyani with omelette as sidedish. That's when i thought why dont i do the cup omelette and the rice at the same time in a same pan!?
By doing so i've saved time for omelette preparation seperatley. The outcome of the taste of rice with the well cooked cup omelette added the flavor of biryani gives it the next level of taste. Here's the recipe!


¶Egg omelette¶

3 Nos Eggs

1 onion

1 Green chilli

Few coriander leaves, chopped

1tbs pepper powder

1/2 tbs of cumin powder

1 tbs of sea salt


Whole spices : 1 Bay leaf, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Fennel seeds, Cloves and 1 strand mace as req.,

2Cups rice

2sp of Ghee,2sp Oil

1/4-1/2 cup Mint and coriander leaves, chopped

4-5 Onions

3-4 Tomatoes

2 Green chillies

3-4 sp Ginger garlic paste

1/4 Cup plain Yogurt

1/2 sp Red chilli powder, some of Powdered spices or Garam masala

Salt, Req

Fried onions, Paneer , cashews (optional)

Step 1: Egg Mixture

Break required eggs and add some salt, pepper powder,Cumin powder, nicely chopped green chilli, one big onion, chopped coriander leaves, curry leaves chopped and mix all together and beat it for about 1 minute. Keep the mixer aside until the biryani gravy is ready.

Step 2: Core Recipe Preparation

Here i am going to prepare biryani as well as the omelette in a same pan as two-in-one dish. First of all, i am going to prepare gravy for biryani. Before that if you want to add extra taste to your recipe by frying onion (deep fry it), cashews slightly until golden, paneer which is marinated with some salt and chilli powder. Fry them seperately and keep it aside.

For the gravy, add some Ghee and Oil in a pan and add all the spices one by one. Starting from Bay leaf, Cloves, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Mace, Fennel and fry them. After few seconds add thinly chopped Onion, Ginger garlic paste, fry for few minutes. Then add chopped tomato, salt as req., Fry until the mixture turns mushy. Now add chopped mint and coriander leaves and mix well with the gravy. Then add Red chilli powder, Garam masala and mix all together.

Now make some space in the middle of the gravy and pour the beaten egg mixture and cover with a lid. After five more minutes egg mixture is well cooked. Now seperate the egg from the gravy and turn it over. In the mean while our biryani gravy also gets cooked and turns even mushy. Add Yogurt, half a lemon juice into the gravy and wait for a few minutes and then measure water for the rice. Now we can see the egg omelette is floating over the water.

By the time the rice gets cooked with Omelette increases the tremendous taste in both the rice and Omelette. Add the rice into the pan and cover with a lid. After five more minutes open the lid and stir the rice without breaking it. Close the lid lower the heat and wait for five minutes then turn off the heat. Now add the deep fried Onion, Cashews, Paneer if you want and mix gently. Well cooked and boiled egg omelette is ready to be served with biryani.

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