Introduction: Airplane Piggy Bank

Have you ever wanted a uniquely designed piggy bank? Well now you can make one out of cardboard!!!

Step 1: The Central Piece

Roll up a piece of cardboard into a cylinder with a rectangular gap in the top; this will be where the money goes in.

Step 2: The Cockpit

This will include the slit that you place the coins into. First cut out 2 rectangles connected to triangles as shown above. Then connect the 2 on the front and back with a cardboard trapezium. Then add a rectangle with a slit onto the top, make sure a 50p coin can fit in first.

Step 3: The Wings

All you need to do is cut out some wing shapes and stick them to the main body on a flap at the end as shown above.

Step 4: The Tail

Roll a piece of cardboard into a cone-like shape, slightly larger than the cockpit tube on one end, and tape it together. Make sure you don't stick it to the cockpit as this is where you will open the piggy bank from.

Step 5: The Tail-Fins

Next cut out 2 fins for the back as well as a dorsel roof fin, then attach them to the tail-area as shown above. Note that the side fins should have slits in them as well as the tail.

Step 6: The Front of the Plane

Next, roll a similar cone-shape and cover the front hole with a circle of cardboard. Then tape it to the cockpit and add a fan to the end with a butterfly clip.

Step 7: Painting It!!!

Paint it in any colour scheme you want, I personally used Orange in the wings and Red for the body with white for the cockpit windows outlined by black!

Step 8: The Final Piece!

Look at it and admire your handiwork! Don't forget to vote for me if you enjoyed this project! I would really appreciate it. :-)

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