Introduction: “Beautiful” Christmas Tree Sweater

Wear this and you’ll be the star of the Christmas party.
This is pretty simple and you just need a few things.


Sweater(preferably green), safety pins, ornaments, usb led strip(1-2 meters long(depends on your height and width), power bank, 2 large rubber bands (these will be going around your underarm and shoulder area so keep in mind the size of the bands), gloves, preferable thick yellow card paper, velcro tape, patience.

Step 1: Step 1

Stick a bunch of ornaments around your sweater using safety pins. Make sure to leave some space for the LEDs and to put some on the back too.

Step 2: Step Two: Lights

Get your LED strip and wrap it around your sweater (it’s way easier if you are doing it while wearing the sweater), once you get to the top of your shoulder, sue the rubber bands to secure it.
Then, you can connect it to the power bank and put the bank in your pocket.

Step 3: Step Three: Star Gloves

Get your thick yellow paper and cut out four equal stars that are large enough to cover both gloves, then cut them all in half.
Stick two sides together until you have four half star pieces. You can then use velcro tape to stick the stars to the gloves.
(This step can also be replaced with a star mask by cutting out eyeholes on a paper star and securing it with a rubber band to the face)

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Wear everything and turn on your lights and put up your hands to form the star. If you want to, you can hang a few candy canes around your collar.
I hope you guys enjoyed this.

Step 5: Taking a Step Further

If you want to, you can put small gift boxes on your shoes.
If your shoes’ design already looks like a gift for some reason, you can replace your shoelaces with gift ribbons.

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