Introduction: Beautiful Mind Themed Prank

This is a fun prank to play on friends and family. The fun part is you never know what reaction you'll get! Enjoy!

Step 1: What You'll Need




Dice ( optional )

Friends ( optional )

Step 2: Learn the Game

The easiest/fastest way to prepare for this prank is to play the game "First to 100" with some friends. This is how to play :

One player starts with the pen and the player to the left gets the dice. Player #1 is writing "1,2,3,4,5,6"...etc. as fast as they can all the way to 100 while player #2 is rolling the dice in attempt to roll a pair of doubles. Once player #2 rolls a pair of doubles he takes the pen from player #1 and the dice gets passed to the player on the left of the player with the pen. The winner is the first to reach 100.

It's not necessary to play the game but it's a lot easier and faster. If you choose not to play just write numbers on paper as shown.

Step 3: Decorating

Next find a good place to tape these numbered papers. Tape them all over the walls, television, stairs, railings as shown in the pictures.

Now all you need to do is move into another room and wait until someone comes along so you can see their reaction.

Optional : Tell the victim of the prank to find the pattern or message ( which of course there is no real pattern or message unless you add one ). This will leave them stumped. 

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