Beautiful Origami Fan



Introduction: Beautiful Origami Fan

This is a beautiful and functional paper fan, I takes about five minutes to create and the difficulty level is about beginner. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

For this awesome project all you will need is a glue stick , or double sided tape, and two identical square papers. It looks best if the two sides are different colors.

Step 2: Folding Begins

Start by stacking your two papers one on top of the other. next take the bottom edge and fold it up to the 2/3 like. While the page is still folded, continue by folding the paper in half vertically. After you crease it then open your paper again. You should now have straight crease going down the middle. Take the edge of the paper on the left side and fold it up to the mid line. Then take the new left edge and fold it to the middle as well.

Step 3: Folding Continued

Repeat everything you did on the left side to the right side. It should look identical when you finish. Then open up the whole page but keep your 2/3 fold folded.Now do a reverse fold on every other crease. That will make your paper into an accordion fold , like what you see on a fan

Step 4: Review

After you do the reverse folds press down firmly. This is what the front and back should look like. Now set this aside and grab your other paper

Step 5: On to the Second Paper

Take your other paper and fold it into thirds horizontally. then open your paper and fold it in half vertically. After you fold it in half open it again. Take the right edge and fold be it up to the vertical mid line.

Step 6: You Need to Cut It

Now unfold the right edge and lay it flat. There should be three vertical lines. Take the one closest to the right and cut it off. You will need that piece so don't throw it out. Take the remaining paper and fold the bottom edge up 2/3 like you did before

Step 7: Connect the Pages

Repeat all of the step for the first page until the second page looks the same. Using a glue stick or tape connect the two accordion folds at their edges.

Step 8: Final Step

Now take the piece if paper you cut off and lay it flat. fold the top and bottom edges down a little bit. DON'T let the connect. leave space so that the other color can be clearly seen. Next put a little glue on the end and attach it to the bottom part of the fan. Wrap it around until you get to the end. when you get to the end fold it over and glue it down

Step 9: Finished!

Thanks for reading ,if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment. Happy Making!

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