Introduction: Beautiful Wall Art With MASKING TAPE

Every one needs that his house look clean blue an beautiful. This type painting gives the home a broader look.

Paints used :
Nerolac pearl white luster and blue .
For other shades i kept mixing bot in certain proportions . Such as 1:1, 2:1 ...

Step 1: Beginning

Take a clean white coloured wall .
Any one which is lustered . Luster gives a nice finish ,as well well as shines.
If you dont want to paint the you can also paint the bed in this way.

Step 2: Sticking the Masking Tape .

In this ste you will stick the masking tape as you own wish .
For example I stuck it in an triangular mosaic design.
You can do in circles ,squares ,rectangular and also hexagonal designs .
But a triangular one is preferable as it is easy and shapes form eventually

Step 3: The Actual Painting

Now you can take a desired colour and be fix on it and paint in the triangles with the colours which are in contrast or in similar hues.
I coloured it in blue and all of its accessory shades like bluish grey and also contrasting colours like white .
Similar options are yellow, as it gives the room a fresh touch.

Step 4: Taking the Tape Out

This step is easier but must be done carefully.
Coz there are chances of some parts of wall comming out.

Step 5: Painting Different Things in a Similar Way.

I painted my bed in the same way. And in the similar style you can paint the balcony.

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