Introduction: Beautiful Wall Hanging Idea With Polymer Clay

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In this project, we will learn how you can make a cute wall hanging with cardboard and air dry clay. You can also use it as a showpiece for home decoration, the interesting part of this project is that you don't need many things to do this DIY wall hanging. It's a super easy and fun-loving project for everyone...



2.Foam Sheet

3.Aluminium foil

4.Mould it Clay (Airdry Clay)


6.White glue

7.Hot glue gun

Step 1: Cut the Card Board

Cut the Card Board as per your prefered size and cover it with foam sheet as shown in the picture...

You can also try different shapes too...

Step 2: Using the Aluminium Foil

Here we are using aluminium foil to give it a proper shape...

Step 3: Covered the Shape With Clay

Covered the shapes with Fevicryl Mouldit Clay. After that, it will take 15-20 minutes to dry...

Step 4: Colouring

Colour the shapes with acrylic paints.

Step 5: Assembling

Assembling all the parts on the cardboard

Step 6: Finally

Finally, our DIY Wall Hanging is ready....

and I think this is super cute...

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