Introduction: Beauty and the Beast - Beast's Rose Replica

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This is an instructable to make your very own Replica of the Beast's Rose from Beauty and the Beast. This replica lights up, and the dome is removable.

Photography on this step by Noose Production

Needed tools:

- Soldering Iron / Solder

- Dremel / Rotary tool

- Small Chisels, Exacto Knife

- Screwdriver

- Hot Glue

- Hot Glue Gun

- Carpenter's Glue or Contact Cement

- Crazyglue

- Clamps

- Pink acrylic paint

- Paintbrush

Step 1: Source Your Materials

- The Rose.

If you want it to match the animated version, the rose should be pink. The picture shows 2 roses I picked out, one from Walmart, and one from Michaels. I ended up using the one from michaels.

- Glass bell dome

If you can find one that has sides straight down, it is apparently more accurate, but I liked this one just fine, and it was found at Michaels.

- Base

Pick up a clock face from the woodworking section of Michaels, just make sure it's large enough for the dome (See photo)

Wood Veneer for the bottom

- Electronics

You will need the components to fulfill the circuit diagram shown, for this you need:

1 x disc battery holder

1 x 2-way switch

1 x red LED 3mm LEDs

1 x 47 OHM resistor

Green heatshrink for 2-3 wires, as well as 1/4" size.

Step 2: Woodwork - Make Space for Electronics and Flower Stem

- Start by using a hole cutting bit (the kind without the pointed tips) to make a pocket for the disc battery holder about 1" diameter. Drill only deep enough so that the battery holder is recessed. The battery and snap can be above the bottom of the base.

- Follow up with a dremmel wood cutting bit to remove material as necessary, and dry fit the battery holder and switch.

- Drill a 3/8" hole in the center of the base.

- Using the dremmel, remove material to create a channel between the switch and the battery, and the battery and the center hole. Also, continue the channel past the center to make a space for the stem of the flower.

- Insert the flower into the base to the desired height, and bend the metal core 90 degrees. Then cut off the excess stem with strong pliers. (Or bend back and forth till it snaps off) There should be some extra that will keep the flower standing straight that fills the channel on the bottom as shown.

Step 3: Carving Out the Top Channel

- Trace out the edge of the dome onto the wooden base with a pencil.

- Draw a circle with a diameter a little smaller than the inside of the glass dome.

- Using an exacto knife, cut the lines about 1/4" deep, then cut sections out of the wood with the knife in angled cuts (this wood is quite soft and should be easy to carve)

- You can use some mini chisels to smooth out the sides and bottom of the channel.

- Sand with low grit (60 or so) then a higher grit (120-220) to smooth out the cuts and channel.

- Cut out a circle of wood veneer the size of the base, using an exacto knife.

- Cut out a cicle from the wood veneer, the size of the battery holder lined up with the position of the battery.

Step 4: Stain the Base

- For the staining I used Minwax Polyshades because it doesn't require a top clearcoat and gives a nice shine.

- Apply the polyshades evenly to the top and sides of the base, and the finished side of the veneer with a disposable brush. Let dry. (You can wrap the brush in Saran wrap and put it in the freezer between applications so you don't have to use a second brush)

- Apply a second even coat of polyshades with the brush, and you should be done your staining.

- It should look nice and shiny when finished.

Step 5: Electronics Wrap Up

- Solder the two ends of the red LED to some 20 gauge wires, and apply a small amount of heat shrink around the LED leads and the soldered area. Melt the heatshrink with a heat gun.

- Dismantle the flower, (remembering how to reassemble) and run the wires through the center of the flower, all the way till the led is the last thing left inside the flower. Then reassemble the flower. (keep one level of petals off for future use)

- Remove the leaf petals from the flower.

- Apply the green heatshrink over the wires and the stem of the flower as far down as needed to cover the exposed wires that will be above the base piece, and melt with a heat gun.

- Reattach the leaf petals to the flower.

- Put heat shrink in place on the rest of the circuit.

- Finish soldering your circuit:

- Battery to LED
- LED to Switch

- Switch to Resistor

- Resistor to Battery

LEDs are polarized, so test your circuit to make sure that the LED will turn on when the power is connected. If not, switch which wire connects to the battery.

- Melt heat shrink to the wires

- Dry fit all the components in the base and make sure the circuit is working, then hot glue the components in place in the channel in the base.

Step 6: Glue the Base Together

- I used carpenters glue and it was a nightmare. I applied it to both sides, then pressed them together and had to clamp the piece in place all over the place, and it took a while to cure.

- I would suggest instead to use contact cement, it would require much less clamping and be a lot less messy.

- For Contact Cement. Apply an even coat to both pieces, let sit for 20 minutes. Then line up the pieces and stick them back together. Clamp them to hold them together while curing. When dry, remove the clamps.

Step 7: Final Touches

Foot Pads:

- Attach Furniture coasters to the bottom of the base. This is to allow the base to sit flat as the battery compartment stick out from the bottom. I used 2 feet stacked on top of each other for height in 4 spots to balance it out.

Fallen Petals:

- You should have about 3-4 extra petals left over from when you reassembled the flower. Separate them into individual petals.

- Decide how you would like them arranged on the top of the base. (I let the petals fall from the flower to see where they would land)

- Apply a dab of superglue to the bottom of the petal and glue it into place. (There will be a dark color where the glue stuck to the petal)

- Apply some pink acrylic paint using a paintbrush to the darkened spot on the petal.

Congratulations you are finished, now you have a replica Beast's Rose from Beauty and the beast.

Do not be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within :)

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