Introduction: Beauty in the Box

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Create the perfect gift with this "Beauty in the Box"! These step by step instructions will show you how to create a homemade glitter compact for the most glamorous people in your life or for yourself! You will need several supplies for this  including.......

◦Fluffy yarn
◦Double sided Ribbon
◦Fine Glitter
◦A needle and thread
◦Small reusable or disposable containers

Step 1: Create Your FLUFF Ball

This is the most challenging part of the entire process because you will have tie together a ball of fluffy yarn without it falling apart, which is easier said than done. Hopefully my instructions will help better prepare you. In order to create the puff ball you must first wrap the fluffy yarn around three fingers until it is at least a centimeter and a half thick.

After you pull the yarn off your fingers, cut a second piece of yarn long enough to wrap around the other roll several times. Use this to tie it all together. It should look as shown.

Once you have done this, cut the loops and spread out the yarn so that it becomes a fluff ball.

Then trim the excess yarn to give it a round shape.

Step 2: Make the Bow

Cut two pieces of double sided ribbon. Sew one into a loop. Take the second piece of ribbon and tie it around the loop, then sew it down. Cut any excess ribbon. Afterwards you should have a bow as shown. Sew this bow to the top of your fluff ball.  :)

Step 3: Select Your Box and Glitter

Select your box and glitter. Then pour your glitter and crystals into the container. Place your fluff ball into the container with everything else. Now you have a homemade glitter compact! GLAM ON!

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