Introduction: Sweet Toy Trolley

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Hello Instructables!
This Sweet Toy Trolley is a DIY way to deliver small gifts to someone you love or simply a great gift to give!
However, this may require that you purchase a few supplies, but only within reason my friend!

To start you will need......

-3 tea cups (preferably small)

-1 long white rope

- At least 3 toy cars

-1 tube of white acrylic paint or a bottle of white spray paint
   (as well as some newspaper)

- 1 glue gun and at least 3 spare glue sticks

Step 1: Remove the Wheels From the Toy Cars!

Disassemble your toy cars in order to remove the wheels.
Be sure to keep the connectors intact so that they can be glued to the bottom of the teacups. Try to keep any extra materials that are attached to them, because these may be helpful later on! :)

Step 2: Paint the Wheels~

Now is when the newspaper and acrylic paint will come in handy!
Although I would suggest you use spray paint to give it an even texture, I chose to use acrylic paint because it was what I had at the time! Either one will do, because they both dry fairly quickly.

For this step, try to use something you have around to spread out the paint. Then, roll the wheels in the paint and dip the flat face of the wheel in paint as well. Give them some time to sit and dry.

Step 3: Hot Glue 2 Sets Wheels to the Bottom of Each Teacup~

This is the most difficult step, because it may require that you use spare parts of the car to elevate the wheels from the teacup.
This is important to note, because you do not want your teacup obstructing the path of your trolley's wheels, otherwise it will not work!
Here, I broke off a part of the car's bumper and glued it on the the bottom first to the elevate the wheels.
Try to use as much hot glue as you can, so that your trolley is sturdy!~
Once you have done this to all three teacups, they should look something like the second photo.

Step 4: Use the Rope to Connect Your Teacups Into One Trolley!

For this step, you must first fold the rope in half and make sure that the crease of the entirety rope is glued the the back of the last cup.Place a dot of glue on each side of the teacup about a centimeter down from the rim and place the rope on top of each dot.
Once you have glued the rope from one side of the handle to the other side,cross the rope inside the handle and again on the outside of the handle. Then glue the crossed face of the rope onto the edge of the next teacup as shown.

Repeat this until you have glued the rope around all three teacups! :0

Step 5: Make You Handle!

One of the last steps is to make a rope and handle for your toy trolley! This can be done my dividing your remaining rope into three parts. Tie a knot at the marker for each third. You can make a handle by dividing the end of your rope into 2 6ths and tying a knot at this division. Open the remaining part to make a loop. This will be your handle!

Step 6: Make Your Trolley Super Sweet!

The last step is to fill your Trolley with any gifts you wish to give! This is a perfect way to give a tea or chocolate lover you know something special! Good luck and happy trolley making! :)

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