Introduction: Bed Phone Support

When was the last time your phone drop on your face?

When we use our phones on the bed, our arms get tired, and sometimes the phone drop on our face. Even if you are laid down aside one of our arms would "fall asleep".

That is why I designed a phone support that allows us to use it without any risk of it dropping in our beautiful faces.


  • 3d printer
  • PLA
  • SuperGlue (ONLY IF you have a small 3d printer)

Step 1: Designing & Problem

After taking measure of my phone (I have a SAMSUNG GRAND PRIME), and establishing the margins.

I designed it using 360 fusion. Also, I wrote my "name" to give it a personal touch.

My only problem was that my 3d printer platform is too small, so I had to divide it into 3 smaller parts smaller than 10*10*10 cm.

Step 2: Printing

I am leaving the files .stl below.

It is important you know that this is a support only for SAMSUNG GRAND PRIME or phones with similar sizes.

Step 3: Assemble

After getting rid of the rafts, filing and glueing (in case you have a small printer). Introduce the pusher lever.

Step 4: Stick It to the Bed Headboard at One Side & Done.

To get out the phone, just introduce your finger in the hole and push up. It even has a headphones hole if you want to see a film :)

Hope you enjoy it the same I have enjoyed doing it.

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