Introduction: Bedside Table Upcycle Hack

Upcycled an old office desk drawer. Even a bit of laminate can't stop a good makeover!


• Sanding paper
• Filler (if required)
• White paint
• Black electrical tape
• A screwdriver (to get the handles and/or lock piece out)
• Primer

And that's it! Too easy for a cool little design

Step 1: Sanding Time

Pull out all drawers and sand it back. This had a white laminate, so i just roughened it to ensure paint would stick.

Fix up the edges, using a filler where required.

Then I simply coated this all in white primer, when dry followed up by some white paint.

Note: There was a keyhole lock in that I unscrewed and took out before I started all this

Step 2: The Drawers!

I painted one drawer black for effect and painted each white drawer handle black and the black one white.

As you can see in the picture above the inner drawer had red stamp pretty marked on there. So i just took some plain brown paper wrapping and glued it to the bottom of the drawer!

Step 3: Now for the Tricky Part

This design I just borrowed the idea from a table I saw on Pinterest and recreated it which originated from here, or the direct pin itself, not so easy, but the design is more complicated on a larger scale.

I just used some black electrical tape - I would advise measuring it - but I'm more of a have-a-go-and-see-how-it-turns-out kinda gal. So nearly a full roll of electrical tape later and here you have it!

Just some squares and zig zag lines in between.

I also took a strip of black tape and laced in around the edging of the front of the desk..

Step 4: Contrasting Goodness

(This is in my cupboard)

Because I need a shelf and some drawers in there! But it does look good, and who would have known it was originally an old office set of drawers.

Brilliant, and kinda easy, except for the design, but you can always choose something more simple!

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