Introduction: Cube Cardboard Box for Shelf Storage

Fairly easy cardboard box cube to go into cube shelving unit, or just about any shelf space you need to pack stuff into

Step 1: Measure the Space and Cut Out Pieces

Measure your space out.
For my cube shelves this was 27(H)x 28(D)x 27 (L)cm.

I got a nice flat piece of unfolded cardboard to work with. Drew the pieces up and then used a stanley knife to cut them out.

Don't forget unless your planning to use a different handle idea to line up a cut out a rectangle on your intended front piece! (I've actually put heavy items in my storage box and this cut out handle works fine)

Next step is to use some painting tape to stick all the sides together and try it in the space- Nothing like gluing an item and finding out it doesn't fit!

Step 2: It Fit!

Once you've confirmed it fits you have several options. Primarily you can either replace the tape used with something a little stronger like.packing tape.

Or you can use a glue gun/super glue to stick all the pieces together.

Finally I covered this box with white paper, just using a standard glue stick to secure it to the box.

If your final piece is smooth enough you can always just paint it

Step 3: Decorate It

As I decorate all things...with electrical tape!

I tried a few variations but ultimately decided just the vertical lines would suffice for me.

And you are done!

Great for hiding stuff away but still have it easily accessible

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