Introduction: (Laptop) DIY Table

Cardboard Laptop Table

Simple, easy and handy for multitudes of tasks.

Need an over the lap table but don't want some expensive laptop stand?


  • A fair amount of unbent cardboard (4-5 - 40-50cmx30-40cm)
  • 4 x Cardboard rolls(from within glad wrap or wrapping paper)
  • Super glue/ hot glue
  • Stanley knife (or craft knife)

Step 1: Cut Out and Stick Together

  • Decide on how large you want the table to be, how much space you need and what you plan to use it
  • Pick out 4 sturdy cardboard flat pieces and cut to appropriate size. If possible cut and place the sheets so that the rivets are alternating each way - this isn't necessary but will provide a more solid base.
  • You will need at least 4 slices of cardboard depending on the thickness of the cardboard - Use more if your cardboard is thin or laptop is heavy etc
  • Measure out holes in each slice where you want the legs to be connected. These need to be aligned for each piece. Leaving one layer without holes, this will be the top piece.
  • I used the rolls I would be using as legs to draw around with a pencil and then a stanley knife to cut out the holes.

Step 2: Glue the Legs On

I wanted this to easily sit over my lap so for the legs I used the roll from within glad wrap/aluminium foil.

  • Fit the legs into each hole making sure they are even and aligned with the holes properly.

  • Then glue the whole way around the connecting edges of each one.
I used a glue gun with a finishing of super glue. You want the glue to be fairly strong or the legs might slide out from underneath.

I also ended up reinforcing the rolls with a second, smaller roll inside. Makes them less likely to cave in on themselves

Step 3: Complete!

  • Once the glue has dried and you're sure the legs are secure and sturdy then you're done!

I used an old JD cardboard poster as the top piece (hence the logo) because this wasn't an item I intended to decorate.

But pretty easy computer laptop table!

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