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Introduction: Beeswax Aroma

Do you like the sweet smell of honey? I know I do! And beeswax candles seems to burn way too fast for you to enjoy the smell long enough.

This is a neat way to reuse a soda or beer can, and make some natural long lasting aroma therapy without any potentially harmful fragrance oils. But if you want, you can also use oils rather than beeswax!

Please note: Some beeswax have a stronger smell than others. I once ordered some off ebay from china, that had almost no smell at all. Then I bought local beeswax from Denmark, and it had the most wonderful smell! Thats what inspired me to make this wax based aroma lamp.

Depending on your beeswax and the heat of the flame, this create a somewhat local area of smell. It might only create an aroma in a small closed room, or around your desk. This way you can also enjoy the sweet honey smell, without bothering others around you, that for some crazy reason doesn't like it.

What you need:

  • Drink can
  • Lovely smelling beeswax
  • One or two tealights


  • Scissor
  • Lighter

Step 1: Cut Up Your Can

Cut off the top of your can, and trim it if you need to.

Then cut down some shapes along the can. Use your imagination, and cut whatever shapes you like! I just cut triangles because its easy and fast. The important thing is, that the flame gets enough oxygen (and it makes it look nice and cozy, when you can see the light though the holes).

Step 2: Get Your Tealight Candles

You need at least one tealight, as this is obviously your heat source.
You can either use the aluminium tray from another tealight candle for the wax, or put it directly onto the can if your flame isn't hot enough. But it makes cleaning a bit more difficult, and it can't contain as much wax.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Place your wax on top, and your candle underneath, and let the wax melt. Enjoy the sweet smell!

If the smell isn't strong enough, you need to make sure the flame of the candle is big enough to create enough heat, or it might help to add a little honey in the wax.

BE CAREFUL, the can will be hot! You might want to place it on a little plate so its easy and safe to move.

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    6 years ago

    You could double distill to purifiy the product and add it to the alcohol wick that you want to burn to give unique smells. Becareful of potential allergies.


    6 years ago

    Has anyone thought of using distiller like a 1 L distiller with condenser to make natural chemicals for aroma therapy?? This is a concentrated 0.5-2% solution of coffee-green tea- apple cider-acetic acid (1%) and pineapple sage mixture. You can smell the odor of coffee-sage pineapple- vingear.


    7 years ago

    Hi Mikki,

    Actually beeswax candles burn slower than any other candle on the market. The reason for this is the beeswax has the highest melting point of ANY CANDLE WAX at 63 degrees celcius. Couldn't agree with you more about Chinese 'beeswax'... we had a company send candles to us trying to get us to order them and they smelled of petrol. When I asked if they were pure beeswax, they said it was chemically constituted!... i.e. it has 0 actual beeswax in it but had the same 'chemical makeup' as beeswax. Oh dear!

    Love the burner idea.